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Poll Updates for Today

Updates, updates, get your updates!

Today’s mid-day post is all about polls!  There’s two polls I wanted to comment on so let’s start with the one everyone seems to have forgotten about.  We got 19 votes for the latest Reader Request poll and boy was that a dogfight.  Here are the results:

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (2 votes)

The Killers (2 votes)

The Children’s Hour (2 votes)

City Lights (5 votes)

You Can’t Take It With You (8 votes)

You Can't Take It With You
You Can’t Take It With You is our winner

You Can’t Take It With You gained a second win and won the poll!  Now, some felt a bit discouraged that their choice didn’t win.  The Reader Requests are just to gauge priority.  All the movies mentioned are still on my list to watch, but the Reader Request winner will come first.  Thankfully, I just got the Frank Capra box set as a graduation gift which includes You Can’t Take It With You so expect it soon!  Thanks to everyone who voted.

Now our first Leading Man poll update!  So far, and this is just day 3, there are already 28 votes!  That’s got to be a poll record for this site.  So far it’s a VERY close race between three of the actors of the 1930s.  Clark Gable is leading by a lone point with eight votes but right behind him is Errol Flynn and Jimmy Stewart with 7!  Gary Cooper has six votes and poor Leslie Howard has zero.  I wonder if all that stuff I wrote about him being meh in Gone With the Wind has colored the perspective.  Where are all the team Leslie Howard fans?  A few people have already declared their teams with Monty from All Good Things spearheading Team Cary Grant who we’ll see next week.  I’ll be posting who I’m rooting for, in this poll specifically, around Wednesday or Thursday.  Keep voting and get your friends to vote.  I would open up the poll to multiple votes but I don’t want that to seem like voter rigging…any suggestions?

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