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Final Poll Update for Week 1

One final Leading Man poll update for the week!  The results of Week 1 will be revealed Sunday along with the introduction of Week 2.  The numbers are insane so far, I can’t imagine how fans will respond to the actors of the 1940s!  Anyway in this post I’ll be discussing what the numbers are on the poll so far, and declaring who I’m rooting for this week!

We officially have a tie with the numbers!  Yes, two leading men are tied with the same amount of votes.   Somehow Errol Flynn has sailed from third to first with eleven votes

But Clark Gable isn’t backing down as he also has eleven votes!  Personally, for this week at least, my money is on Gable.  The man plays a great rouge and I’ve seen the most of his movies so there you go.

Frankly my dear…I refuse to be tied for first

Coming up right behind Flynn and Gable is Jimmy Stewart with ten votes.  If he gets one more it’ll be a three-way tie and we’ll really be in trouble.

Gary Cooper, the assumed frontrunner, has fallen to third with eight votes

Cooper and Marlene Dietrich in Morocco

Seems someone gave Leslie Howard finally got a pity vote as he’s all the way at the bottom with a single vote!

Why does no one like me?

I’m all for Gable but honestly, it could be either Gable, Flynn, or Cooper at this point.  If you have voted pass the poll to friends (there’s a lovely “share” button).  Voting closes Sunday.  I’ll reveal the winner who will go on to enter the Top 8 and we’ll delve right into the 1940s!  I’m ecstatic to see the turn-out!

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