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Leading Man Tournament Week 1 Results

Note to self: Never try to type up a blog post on an iPad…it’s not easy and never works out as you planned.  On the flipside, if you do read the blog on an iPad it’s pretty cool.  Anyway, you came for results!

I asked that the tie between Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart be broken and boy did you all deliver with an eleventh hour upset!  There were 48 votes total in this first round and thanks to everyone who voted.  Ready for round 2, voting is open!


Our leading man of 1940!

I was shocked when I closed the poll and saw who won.  Literally, in the eleventh hour three votes came in propelling Errol Flynn from second to first!  Now, that sounds fishy but I’ve made sure the polls don’t allow for multiple votes from the same address so I don’t cry fix.  Either way, Flynn made a REMARKABLE comeback to score the win.  He’d been in first early in the tournament and stayed a pretty consistent contender and it paid off.  Errol goes on to the top 8!

As for how everyone else tallied up!

Gable via

Gable came in second with 12 votes and sadly that time between him and Stewart was not broken.  Gable was a frontrunner throughout this week but sadly he’ll have to share his silver medal with:

Tied for second…shucks

Gary Cooper and Leslie Howard didn’t seem to budge after the first or second day.  They stayed at 9 votes and 1 respectively…I knew William Powell would have stood a better chance.

So the 1930s is closed, congrats to Errol.  Next year I’m thinking Charlie Chaplin and William Powell definitely need to be included to spice this up.  Did I mention voting for the 1940s has now opened?

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