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Final Poll Update for Week 2

We’re in the final days of Week 2 in our Leading Man Tournament and I must say, the 1940s has been a pretty slow decade in the poll.  We’re up to 35 votes, a bit lower than for the 1930s but there doesn’t look to be any upset on the way (I say that now).  The poll closes on Sunday so if you haven’t voted yet…get on it!  Let’s look at what the numbers are showing!

I’m still ahead!

Cary Grant has cemented his role as the frontrunner from the start and looks like he’s headed to win this decade with a whopping 17 votes!  That’s 49% of the votes.  Unless there’s a shocking surge of votes in the final days I think Cary can sit back and wait for the adulation.

Sorry Humphrey…seems like you’ll have to be content with the falcon

From the beginning it looked to be Bogart and Grant engaged in hand-to-hand combat (wouldn’t that be cool!) but since then Bogart has scored a comfortable second place with 12 votes.  That’s 34% of the vote and he could overtake Grant in the home stretch but considering how consistent the voting has been it doesn’t look like it.

Looks like Jimmy’s gonna have to throw a grapefruit in your face!

The rest of the group has had a slow progression and at this point, I don’t see a dramatic leap happening, a la Flynn, for these three.  Jimmy Cagney has only secured 5 votes…seems that our gangster can’t buy his win.

At least one person loves Tyrone

Tyrone Power has stuck to his single vote….seems that his charm isn’t rubbing off on voters.

Sorry Spencer…you still have Katherine (although it doesn’t seem she voted for you either)

Poor, poor Spencer.  I might vote for him just to give him something (that’s not cheating right?).  Sorry Spencer, I think you’d have done better in the 50s, we always have next year!

That’s how the numbers stand for now.  Two more days of voting and we’ll declare a winner in the 1940s who will join Errol Flynn!

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  1. Hard to go wrong with any pick, but Cary Grant coming in first sounds right with Bogey in a very close second.

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