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The Month in Film: May 2012

The always awesome Eric over at The Warning Sign and Ruth at FlixChatter are big fans of presenting their month in films.  Eric graciously recommended I do the same and thus I will be documenting the films I see every month.  It’s exciting for me as there’s many movies I don’t review here from films coming out this weekend, and rewatches.  This feature is in a state of flux for now so let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to look at in going over the month.  Films titles with links will take you to my review of the film in question (both reviewed on the blogs and reviewed via other sites).  Asterisks next to films indicate a rewatch.  It’s been a big month so let’s get going!

1.  The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)

2.  Haywire (2011)*


3.  Gimme Shelter (1970)

4.  Cape Fear (1962)*

5.  The Weather Underground (2002)

6.  Goon (2012)

7.  The Avengers (2012)

8.  Father’s Little Dividend (1951)

English: Spencer Tracy & Elizabeth Taylor in F...

9.  Rachel and the Stranger (1948)

10.  Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

A scene from The Little Shop of Horrors.

11.  W.E. (2012)

12.  Birdsong (2012)

13.  Alexander (2004)*

14.  Date Night (2010)*

15.  Mother’s Day (2010)

16.  The Night of the Hunter (1955)*

17.  God Bless America (2012)

18.  The Fog of War (2003)

19.  Battleship (2012)

20.  The Client (1994) 

21.  Glorious 39 (2009)

22.  Albert Nobbs (2011)*

23.  Perfect Sense (2011)

24.  Midnight Movies (2005)

25.  Les Miserables 25th Anniversary (2010)*

26.  Midnight Mary (1933)

27.  Men in Black III (2012)

28.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)*

29.  The Sitter (2011)*

30.  Pet Sematary (1989)*

31.  Westworld (1973)

32.  Cinderella (1914)

33.  The Lady From Shanghai (1947)

34.  Hick (2012)

35.  Chatroom (2010)


35 films watched in the month of June

10 were rewatches

25 were first-time views!

8 were theatrical releases or released this year

Favorite Classic Film of the Month:  I’m going to say Lady from Shanghai was my favorite classic film as well as my favorite first-time view.  If we’re doing a rewatch it’d go to The Night of the Hunter!

Favorite Film of the Month: Probably God Bless America.  It’s not a film for everyone but it’s definitely a movie that has something to say!  Hick is a close runner-up

Worst Film of the Month:  Probably Battleship, my review says it all.  I’d also say W.E. as well.

Biggest Disappointment of the Month:  Rachel and the Stranger for sure.  A film starring both William Holden and Robert Mitchum should have been epic.  Instead it was just bland.

Biggest Surprise of the Month:  Hick all the way.  I had no idea a movie starring Blake Lively could be good, nor did I believe I’d like her in it.  It’s a great movie in general bolstered by the performance of its actors.

What did you month in movies look like?  Any surprises or disappointments?

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4 thoughts on “The Month in Film: May 2012 Leave a comment

  1. Awesome variety last month! I like how you added different categories at the end, too. Very cool.

    God Bless America was your favorite film, eh? Now I’m even more curious to see that one. I’m always interested by dark comedies, and that sounds about as dark as they come. 🙂


    • It’s definitely dark (if you can get over a dream sequence that involves shooting an infant). It’s got a strong message though about the state of youth, reality television, etc. It’s amazing.


  2. What did you think of Glorious 39? I watched it last fall only because I needed a “39” movie for my Movies by the Numbers series (The 39 Steps was letdown at the end for me). I ended up getting caught up in the suspense of just how many people might be in on what was going on with what “Glorious” was stumbling upon.


    • It was an interesting film in short. It’s definitely a good example of the “slow burn” style in that things just keep building and building to the point I was a bit let down by the climax just because so much had been built up. The acting was great though and you really can’t go wrong with British cinema!


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