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Tie-Breaker Today Only

The winner of the 1950s is being delayed till tomorrow due to a surprising tie-breaker!  Yes, there is a tie and instead of exerting my right to choose I’m leaving it up to you.  Here are the poll numbers as they stand right now.  The tie-breaker poll is up now between our two finalists and will close Monday morning with the 1950s winner declared.  Don’t just vote in the tie-breaker, the 1960s poll is up now as well!

Only 34 votes this time around, I hope this doesn’t mean that interest is dwindling as we still have a few more decades to get into.  Anyway, here’s the poll numbers as they stand now.

Our tie surrounds 9 votes given to John Wayne

And Gene Kelly

These two have been the top contenders for a while.  Thursday’s final poll had Kelly in the lead with Wayne tying with Bill Holden.  Kelly made a comeback Saturday night and was in the lead until the very end before Wayne gained that one vote to push him over.  I’m shocked by this series of events, I figured Kelly would be the no-voter because the other four actors were so iconic.  So who wins, Kelly or Wayne?

Where did the other actors end up?  William Holden seemed to lose his momentum mid-week and stayed with eight votes till the end.

Sorry Bill, guess you’ll have to settle for Audrey (lucky!).

Marlon Brando ended up with five votes total, very surprising

Sorry Marlon, you coulda been a contender

And the most shocking is that James Dean ended the competition with three votes!  The icon of the 1950s didn’t even gain the first place slot at all this week!  Wow.

Sorry James, now you’re just a rebel with a cause (a lost cause)

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  1. Wow..shocking! In my tourney last year Marlon Brando did get knocked out the first round though by Alec Guinness. Holden cruised thru the 50’s with an easy win. My, my, my.

    • I really wish Holden had won, I had a celebratory video and everything! That’s odd that Brando seems to be cast aside…I might need to rethink my 1950s icons lol.

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