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Final Poll Update for Week 4

The final numbers for this week’s leading man tournament!  With that comes a question that I need some input on.  Considering that the numbers of voters seems to be dwindling, should I devote another four weeks and go up to the 2010s or cap this at the 80s or 90s?  Let me know in the comments.  I know I want to include the 70s for sure so that wont’ be affected.  Anyway, on to today’s numbers.

Since Tuesday’s update we have a new first-place leader at the moment.  Sailing post everyone with a comfortable lead of 13 votes is Mr. Paul Newman!

Gregory Peck was in the lead on Tuesday but he’s settled for second, moving up one point with 9 votes.

Sean Connery‘s gained two points, moving up to five votes.  That’s allowed him to move past Sidney Poitier into third place.

Mr. Poitier himself nestles into fourth place with the same four votes as Tuesday.

Yay Steve McQueen has gained his requisite last place single vote!  And again, it wasn’t from me!

Voting closes Sunday morning and our winner will be declared.  Happy voting!

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  1. I voted for the king of cool 🙂 I am a bit shocked he only has two votes but the competition is pretty tough on this poll.

    • Yeah between the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s I think my expectations are being challenged as many of the actors I’ve bet on aren’t even cracking second place. Nice to know McQueen gained a second vote though!

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