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The Great Recasting Blogathon….You Should Join In!

I’m doing a lot of blogathons this summer (and I’m highly interested in doing one around September if any fellow bloggers are interested in co-hosting with me) so I figured I’d plug one I just joined in on.  If you aren’t checking out Natalie at In the Mood or Rianna of Frankly My Dear  then you’re missing out on some great classic movie stuff.  Anyway, they’re doing a blogathon that I think is one of the most creative I’ve seen.  I’ll let Natalie tell you the details:

The title is a variation of a 1965 Natalie Wood movie title “The Great Race“; and the basic theme of the blogathon is recasting modern (post-1965) movies with classic stars. For those interested, there are five rules to follow when writing your post:

1. Pick a movie that was made in between 1966 and today [i.e. Enchanted (2007)]
2. Change the year of production [i.e. (1953)]
3. Choose new leads from Classic Hollywood (note: I don’t care what TCM says, Meryl Streep does not count as Classic Hollywood here) [i.e. Grace Kelly as Giselle, ect.]
4. Choose a new director from Classic Hollywood [i.e. Preston Sturges]
5. Explain why you think it would work [i.e. Have you ever seen that abso-bloomin’-lutely hysterical scene from High Society where Grace flutters about and says really ridiculous things like “I’m delighted, we have so much cake” – her in Enchanted would be like that whole scene stretched into an hour and a half. Plus gorgeous 50s costumes. And genius Preston Sturges. YES.]

Sound awesome?  Heck yes!  So if you’re interested in submitting a piece get in contact with one of the girls on their respective blogs (I’ve included clickable links) and let them know Kristen over at Journeys in Classic Film sent you!

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