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Leading Man Tournament Week 4: Results

Another straight forward series of events happened with this week’s men.  Only 38 votes this go-round (continuing our dwindle) but my fingers are crossed there’s enough moment to get us to the end!  Once our winner gained his lead things stayed pretty quite till the end.  I do appreciate the last-minute vote that came in just as I started to close the poll.  The 1970s men are up so be sure to vote…oh that’s right, you want results!

With 13 votes our Leading Man of 1960 is Mr. Paul Newman!  He’ll be sitting up there with Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, and Gene Kelly!  Congrats Paul!

Coming in at 11 votes (still impressive) was Gregory Peck (sorry Ruth).

I’m shocked that James Bond never carved out a lead but it seems Sean Connery will have to settle for third place with 6 votes.

I really thought we’d have a time with Connery but Sidney Poitier kept his 5 votes and a fourth place finish.

And Steve McQueen did get a little something but he never came out further than last place with 3 votes.

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  1. Nice! So glad to see Newman advance. The 70s is another tough decade, but I had to go with Pacino. Few will ever be able to come close to his run back then. I just watched Serpico today, which helped cement my choice.


    • I have to stop betting because everyone I’ve rooted for in this tournament has not won lol. Pacino is definitely dark horse being the last minute addition. Serpico has eluded me so far, gotta check that out soon!


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