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Leading Man Tournament Week 5: Results

The results are in on the Leading Man of the 1970s and really it was no surprise.  28 votes total in this round and our number had a consistent lead throughout.  Find out how everywhere fared after the jump!

Yep Clint Eastwood won with a total of ten votes.  That’s three up from his tally on Thursday.  Eastwood was leading this race out of the gate so it’s not surprising he ended up winning it all!  Congrats Mr. Eastwood, we’ll see how you fare in the finals!

In terms of where everyone else landed no one was able to gain the edge over Clint but the second place winner is a shocker.

On Thursday Jack Nicholson was third with 4 votes but between then and Saturday he made a last-minute bid and gained second place with seven votes total, an increase of three votes!  That wasn’t enough to propel him to number one but he definitely gained the biggest leap up to second place!

Robert Redford only gained one vote in the final numbers, ending in third with six votes.  Considering how closely him and Eastwood were in this competition I’m surprised he didn’t stay in the second place position.

The last two entrants didn’t gain any increase in votes from Thursday’s update.  Al Pacino will have to settle for fourth place with 4 votes.

And Warren Beatty ends this competition with a single vote….a single vote.  You disappoint me Warren!

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  1. Clint had so many hits in the 70’s that he is sort of the face of that decades actors. I do like Steve McQueen’s work in that era as well. Jack Nicholson was in a bundle of great indie films in this decade, but I can’t think of anything he did that was a popular mainstream attraction. I think Chinatown was 1969 and The Shining was 1980. I could be wrong.

    • I can’t argue with Clint winning, he’s certainly an iconic representation of the 1970s. Actually Chinatown was 1974, as it was one of the films I listed for securing Nicholson’s nomination. It was certainly harder for me to find “huge” awards-defining movies for him in this decade though.

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