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It’s Official: I’m Hosting a Blogathon

I’ve mentioned a few times wanting to do a blogathon of my own and now seems like a good a time as any to announce it’s happening!  This being a first effort I’m hoping I’m up to the task, and I’m also hoping a few kind people will be willing to participate.  Just what is the blogathon about?  If you didn’t notice my banner above it will deal with all things Universal Studios Hollywood!

I’m a huge fan of Universal Studios and their backlot tour.  It’s one of the most popular backlot studio tours in the world where movies are made everyday!  In fact films have been made their since the silent era so there’s a lot of history associated with the backlot.  Starting September 14th and running through the 16th, this blogathon will salute this studio tour.  Have a review of a film that used the backlot (either completely or just for a scene counts)?  Interested in the history of the site?  As long as it pertains to Universal Studios Hollywood and the backlot it counts!  You can comment below to sign up or email me at journeysinclassicfilm (at)  Don’t worry if you don’t have a topic right now, I’ll place a formal call for topics about a month before the blogathon.  Also, if you don’t have a blog that’s okay, I’m willing to host your post!  This is purely to announce the blog and call for contributors.  Feel free to spread this to your other blogging friends and maybe slap a banner on your site!  Definitely looking forward to this!



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    • Thanks so much! Don’t worry I’ll be sending out a bunch of emails and reminders on the blog as we get closer. If you decide on a topic just shoot me an email but you’re officially on the list!

  1. I thought about doing this but the only Katharine Hepburn picture she made for Universal was ROOSTER COGBURN (1975) and that was filmed on location. Is there a list somewhere of eligible pictures? Maybe I’ll poke around on the Universal website to see if I can come up with any ideas. I’ve also never had the backlot tour, so I don’t know much about the studio anyway. But I’ll continue to give it some thought. If you have any ideas, shoot ’em my way!

  2. This sounds fun, but there’s so many movies to choose from: A Beautiful mind, mallrats, Jurassic Park…decisions decisions. Does it have to be a review or can it be a behind the scenes/making of type thing, since it was on the backlot tour? Maybe a little of both?

    • Ooh count me in! Ill likely be writing about its conception and the 1915 tours they gave… Ill spread the word around too . . side note – Cusack in 2nd on your 80s poll? Serious eye roll from me! you just dont top Lloyd Dobbler 😉

      • You’re officially on the list! And spreading the word would help a great deal! Same here on the Lloyd Dobbler front, if I was a voter I’d have totally gone with him. I mean he gave thousands of girls unrealistic expectations of men lol. Thanks for participating.

  3. I have no idea what I’m doing yet, but count me in!

    This is a wonderful idea for a blogathon. I like that we can see how the backlot transforms so much from film to film!
    I’m very excited for this 🙂

    Would you like my email or something so you can contact me easier?

    • You’re on the list! I totally forgot that it’s Universal’s 100th Anniversary so apparently I have perfect timing. The backlot is amazing, especially when you visit it and there’s always something new going on. I’d love your email if you want to email me at journeysinclassicfilm(at)gmail. When you settle on a topic let me know!

  4. Hi Kristen –

    Found my way here. An achievement all on its own! I’d definitely love to take part in this. I have never been on the Universal Backlot tour – or any other backlot tour. Have never been to California even. So, you’ll have to advise if my choice is acceptable in meeting the “backlot” requirement. My choice is ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948).


    • Well I highly recommend the Universal Tour if you make your way out here. The only requirement is it has to be filmed there and according to my sources that film meets the requirement! I’ll put you down, thanks so much! If you can email me at journeysinclassicfilm(at)gmail so I have an email to keep in contact with you that’d be great!

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