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Leading Man Tournament Week 6 Results

I was surprised to look over the final poll numbers for the 1980s.  Mostly because there was a lot of back and forth over the last few days regarding 2nd-5th place.  We had quite a few flip-flops but as mentioned in Thursday’s update, it would take a miracle to dethrone the frontrunner…and that didn’t happen.  29 people voted making this slightly better than last week’s voter turnout, yay!  So let’s see who we’ll be voting for in the semi-finals coming up!

Gaining three more votes after Thursday’s update and winning the contest with a grand 14 votes is Indiana Jones himself Harrison Ford!  Congrats Harrison, you were leading strong right out the gate and you dominated.  As mentioned numerous times, the gap between first and second was lengthy, there was really no way anyone else was going to top him.  I’m a little surprised considering how beloved Marty McFly is, I at least thought Michael J. would give Harrison a run for his money.  Oh well, congrats!

There was a tie on Thursday but that was broken!  Winning second place with five votes (that’s two more than Thursday when he was tied with three) is Lloyd Dobbler John Cusack!  I’m sad Cusack didn’t win but he gets to go home with a silver medal!

Oddly enough, Cusack’s tie-breaker contender Michael Douglas is ending this competition tied for third place!  Yes Douglas only gained one vote from Thursday and is ending with third place which he’ll have to share

with Mr. Michael J. Fox!  I have to say Fox made the most surprising leap of all the contenders.  He didn’t gain any votes until Thursday’s update (before then he was dead last with zero votes).  Thursday he’d gained two and he’s ending this week with a grand total of four!  Sure he’ll have to fight for the medal with Douglas, but considering who ended up last…congrats Michael J., you clawed your way up and really earned that third place.

Poor Tom Cruise.  He’s poor in two ways now as he’s not only getting a divorce (sorry on a personal level) but he didn’t gain any additional votes between Thursday and today.  He was tied for third place on Thursday but he’ll have to settle for last place.  This doesn’t seem to be your week Tom.  There’s always next year.

The 1990s is up so start voting!  I’ll see you all on Tuesday!

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