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The Month in Film: June 2012

Another month of movies has gone by.  This is a few days late as I was waiting for a few of my contemporary reviews to be published.  I saw two films more than last month, yay!  As always titles with a clickable link will take you to my review of that film (whether on this blog or the other site I write for).  I’ll get to work on a banner for this series, it should debut sometime next month.  Sorry for the late post, I wanted a few of my off-site reviews to go live.

1.  Snow White and the Huntsman

2.  Stage Door

3.  Dr. Coppelius

Original Spanish language poster

4.  Born to Be Bad

5.  Prometheus   

6.  The Moon is Blue*

7.  Wet Hot American Summer*

8.  The Lost Weekend

9.  Young Man With a Horn

10.  Phantom of the Opera Live From the Royal Albert Hall

11.  Bel Ami

12.  Black Death

13.  Dark Victory

14.  Shallow Grave*

15.  Gidget

16.  Grease*

17.  Desk Set

18.  Rock of Ages

19.  Bridesmaids*

20.  Underworld Awakening*

21.  Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Love Never Dies

22.  This Means War*

23.  In the Mouth of Madness

24.  Sullivan’s Travels

25.  Beach Blanket Bingo

26.  The Three Faces of Eve

 27.  Brave

28.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

29.  The Heiress

30.  21 Jump Street*

31.  Network

32.  The Last Days of Disco

33.  Take This Waltz

34.  Safety Not Guaranteed

35.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic

36.  Magic Mike

37.  Sweet Charity


37 films watched in the month of June (2 more than May)

8 were rewatches

28 were first-time watches

7 were theatrical releases

Since I’m trying to discuss such a broad spectrum each one of these categories will be top 5’s unless otherwise noted.

Top 5 Favorite Classic Films of the Month:

1.  Dark Victory (Bette Davis made me cry)

2.  Sullivan’s Travels (Veronica Lake and a classic screwball film)

3.  The Heiress (Hot damn Montgomery Clift)

4.  Stage Door (Class act from a group of classy ladies)

5.  Gidget (I didn’t expect this teen surfing coming-of-age film to stick with me but it has)

Favorite Theatrical Film of the Month:  Safety Not Guaranteed is such a sweet film.  The plot is truly surprising (for a film about time travel you don’t know whether the main character is true or a total nut) and such an amazing group of characters.  I was in a slump with theatrical releases this month and this was a breath of fresh air.

Worst Film of the Month:  Here’s the five biggest wastes of my time

1.  Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Love Never Dies (Three hours of the most ridiculous, unnecessary sequel to the Phantom of the Opera)

2.  Bel Ami (Yes this has Robert Pattinson and it proves that the man has zero talent whatsoever)

3.  Dr. Coppelius (I still have no idea what I watched)

4.  Sweet Charity (I had high hopes for Bob Fosse but this 60s-mod directing début missed the mark)

5.  Beach Blanket Bingo (It’s campy I know but that doesn’t make it good)

Biggest Disappointment of the Month: The disappointments were reserved for the theatrical releases I saw this month.  I had a lot of high expectations for June’s slate of films but all were shattered.  Here were the five worthy of mention

1.  Prometheus (Not even Michael Fassbender could save this turgid quasi-religious bore-fest)

2.  Magic Mike (60 minutes of beefcake, 50 minutes of dullards bitching about having to be naked)

3.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Seth Grahame-Smith should stick to writing books, not scripts)

4.  Take This Waltz (Critics have praised this film but I thought Michelle Williams character was too despicable to follow)

5.  Rock of Ages (Tom Cruise rocked, the other actors sucked)

Biggest Surprise of the Month: Theatrically Brave surprised me in that the marketing hid a pretty crucial element of the plot.  I kind of wish I had known in advance as it colored my enjoyment of the movie, but it was a surprise.  In terms of at home, I’d say the biggest surprise was Black Death, a film I watched only for Sean Bean but loved the acting.  It’s a far more philosophical film than I expected and I recommend it.

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  1. Wow, that’s quite the diverse month. Bummer to hear you didn’t like Take This Waltz. I think that’s one of this year’s better films so far.

    • If there’s one thing that describes my film habits, diverse is one of them. I understood what was attempted in Take This Waltz, that not everyone who cheats does it out of malice and/or sexual gratification but considering how nice Rogen’s character was, I just didn’t connect with Williams.

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