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Leading Man Tournament Week 8 Update

The first update of the final week of nominees!  I’m excited to see what happens starting next week.  As it is, it’s still anyone’s game and already there’s been some shifts between second and third place.  None of this has dethroned the first place winner at the moment.  Let’s look at where the numbers stand!

It’s not surprising to me that George Clooney is in the lead!  A few commenters have already stated that Clooney’s work is better in terms of quality and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win and he’s currently leading with seven votes!

Coming in at second place with three votes is Denzel Washington.  He was originally in third before moving to first and considering he was a last-minute addition, I’m pleased he’s made it so far.  Maybe he’ll be the dark horse of this tournament like I expected Al Pacino to be in the 70s week.

Coming right behind is Ryan Gosling with two votes.  I expect Gosling to come back to second at some point and I’m still pulling for him to gain a first place lead for a bit, although I don’t think he’ll win all the marbles.

With one measly vote is Robert Pattinson.  I think the numbers speak for themselves!

And with zero votes is Will Ferrell.  I feel bad for Ferrell as I didn’t think he’d have a shot but I needed a fifth.  Sorry Will!

One more update on Thursday!  Keep on voting!

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