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Final Poll Update for Week 8

This is it, the final update before we declare a winner and conclude the round of nominations.  Starting this Sunday we’ll start the first poll with the winners from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s going head to head.  After that winner is declared we’ll do another poll with the winners 1970s, 1980s,1990s and 2000s before doing one final poll with two winners to declare a leading man!  I’m a little sad to see this all end but that’s not for another two weeks.  Let’s see where the final numbers are and who could be heading to the semi-finals!  Voting closes Sunday at midnight!

Mr. George Clooney is still in the lead pulling in similar numbers seen during the 1980s round which allowed finalist Harrison Ford to win.  Clooney has eleven votes (a four vote increase from Tuesday) so far which is 52% of the vote.  It’ll take a pretty hefty boost for anyone to overtake him.  We might be seeing a serious contender in the final rounds for Clooney if he keeps this up.

There was a shift in second place very briefly on Tuesday morning after the last update but Denzel Washington managed to climb back into second place by Wednesday where he’s still sitting with five votes, a two vote increase.

As mentioned above, Washington was knocked off his perch briefly by Ryan Gosling but he’s stuck down at third with four votes, another two vote increase.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and Washington continue to fight for second place over the last days of the tournament.

Robert Pattinson only has one vote, not increasing at all from Tuesday.  I guess the Twi-hards are too busy with other things to vote in my tournament and yay me!

Did I mention I feel bad including Will Ferrell?  I do as he’s still got zero votes.  Sorry Will!

Voting closes Sunday!

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  1. I voted for Denzel as I like him most out of this list. Btw, you said on Twitter about a blogathon?? Are you still doing it?

    • Heck yes, the blogathon is all a go. If you look at my Pages sidebar you’ll see all the info for my Universal Backlot Blogathon. Would love to have FlixChatter included if possible!

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