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Entering the Hall of Fame and a Few Other Changes

A few updates for this morning.  First off, I know I mentioned that new banner which I will be using as a header once the Leading Man Tournament concludes but I wanted something grander (and I ended up not saving the photos I used” so I came up with this.  I think, if anything, this is a testament to my Photoshop skills which I’ve honed over the last few months of doing this blog.  I have done a test of using the above picture as a background so PLEASE comment on whether you like it, hate it, and/or want it to stay.

That goes with another revamp that’s been pretty apparent for a while, I’m trying to shift this into being a formal classic film blog, that’s NOT to say I won’t be doing modern films (the Road to the Oscars will be a regular as the other running series that utilize modern films).  I’ll just be trying to limit my reviews of anything past 1990 (which I know most film bloggers consider that too late but it’s my blog!).  I also think this will help me once school gets back in as I won’t be taking notes for every single movie I watch.

The last bit is the most exciting as it’s been something I worked on all day yesterday….the Journeys in Classic Film Hall of Fame.  I know a lot of blogs do a Favorite Actor/Actress or Hall of Fame and I wanted to keep a record of the ladies and gentlemen I’ve come to discover over my film years.  You can check out the Hall of Fame by clicking the Classic Film Actress link on the nifty new menu or click here and the Classic Film Actor can be accessed by hovering over the Actress or click here.  Right now a nominee will have to have been in five films I’ve seen (and for the most part they’ll be reviewed on this blog) and worthy of inclusion.  I’ll be mentioning any additions at the end of every month as well as updating film lists and changing rankings based on any additional reviews (for those already in the Hall of Fame).  If you think an actor or actress warrants inclusion let me know!

That’s all for today!  Come back later for our final Leading Man update for the week!

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A freelance film critic whose work fuels the Rotten Tomatoes meter. I've been published on The Hollywood Reporter, Remezcla, and The Daily Beast. I've been featured in the L.A. Times. I currently run two podcasts, Citizen Dame and Ticklish Business.

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