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Leading Man Semi-Finals Part One Winner



Some action in the final moments of the semi-finals but we have a winner for the 1930s-1960s.  This man will go on to the finals where he’ll square off with our 1970s-2000s winner.  Our winner could be taking home all the marbles soon.  Want to see who won?  Find out after the jump.

Much like with the 1930s nominees we had a leap of two votes in the final moments that pushed a contender all the way up to first.  Okay it was only a leap from second to first but I was pretty much ready to call the winner and thank goodness I didn’t.  With a score of 11 votes (an astounding increase of four votes from Thursday)……is Mr. Cary Grant!

That’s right the 1940s wins and Mr. Grant will be giving some class against our winner for the later decades.  Congrats Mr. Grant, let’s see how you fare in the finals.

As for how the others fared?

I was ready to declare Paul Newman the winner based on Thursday’s votes but it seems the interest in him stopped altogether because after Thursday he didn’t gain any additional votes and stayed at nine.  That wasn’t enough to keep him at number one sadly so thanks for playing Mr. Newman.  Maybe next year.

Third place ended up a tie with Errol Flynn gaining no additional votes from Thursday and ending the tournament with two.  Seems Mr. Flynn couldn’t get that surprise boost to cinch the win.

Gene Kelly did get one vote leaving him with two total but he’ll be settling for splitting third.


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6 thoughts on “Leading Man Semi-Finals Part One Winner Leave a comment

  1. Harrison Ford all the way! There’s only one Indiana Jones, even if we must forgive him for the Crystal Skull!!!

  2. Yes!! I was hoping he would win! Don’t get me wrong, I like all of them (which is why it was so hard to decide who to vote for) but in truth, my heart belongs to Cary – I thought he was going to come second so I’m glad he finally went through.
    Bring on the final!

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