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Final Poll Update for Semi-Finals Part Two



We’re down to the wire in these semi-finals.  Sunday will declare our winner who will go head-to-head with Cary Grant.  Let’s not drag this out, after the jump we’ll see where the numbers are right now and Sunday our winner will be declared.

That’s right Harrison Ford is still in the lead with eight votes.  Interestingly enough he hasn’t had any increase in votes from Tuesday’s update.  There will need to be a significant push over the next few days, every vote will count, if any other contender wants to beat him.  Indiana Jones could very well be our winner on Sunday.

As for where everyone else stands?  No one’s rankings have changed although there have been minuscule voting changes.

George Clooney is still in second place with five votes, a gain of one vote from Tuesday (the only voting increase we’ve seen since Tuesday) which isn’t enough to get him first but there’s enough time for him to gain a few more to beat Ford.

Tom Hanks still has three votes for third place

and Clint Eastwood remains in dead last with two votes.

Voting closes Sunday, good luck!


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