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Leading Man Tournament: FINALS

We’re finally here at the end of our Leading Man journey.  Next Sunday one of these two men will be labeled “The Ultimate Leading Man!”  It’s been a long road but we finally have a contender from the 1940s symbolizing the classic leading man and a contender from the 1980s to show the last breed of movie actor we have left.  Let’s look at where they stand currently, I’ll even include the results of the 1970s-2000s poll even though you already know the winner, and tally up the votes both men have gained.  Voting closes Sunday and I’ll be giving updates Tuesday and Thursday!


Cary Grant is our 1940s winner and semi-finals winner.  Throughout the tournament he’s received the most votes out of all the contenders, 33 throughout this entire tournament which puts him ten votes higher than Harrison Ford.  I’m not sure how strong an argument can be made about whether the guy whose gained the most votes has an advantage but I think it says something.


Harrison Ford did win the 1970s-2000s semi-finals with nine votes, only a one-vote increase from what he had on Thursday.  That gives him a tournament total of 23 votes he received throughout the entire competition, ten votes less than Grant.  Ford does have his own advantage of fervent fan support so he’ll give Grant a run for his money.

As for where the rest of the 1970s-2000s contenders ended up?

A shocking second place finish goes to Clint Eastwood who ended up with six votes!  Keep in mind on Thursday he was in third place with THREE!  He ended the week gaining three votes leap-frogging him past Tom Hanks and kicking George Clooney out of second place.  Had the poll gone on longer Eastwood might have been able to climb to one but we’ll never know.  Congrats though for upsetting the silver medal Clint!  Well done!

George Clooney only received one final vote from Thursday ending his tally with five.  Had Clint Eastwood not found some fans Clooney might have ended up with a silver medal but he’ll end up with bronze.  Sorry George, thought you were a shoo-in.

That leaves poor Tom Hanks all the way in last place with the same three votes from Thursday.  Sorry Tom.

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