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Classic Movies On the Big Screen


I’m all for looking for opportunities to see classic films on-screen and within the last year the lone theater that used to show old films closed down.  Thankfully, Cinemark theaters has decided to run a classic film series.  It started this summer and thankfully they’ve decided to continue it through August and September.  The full list of dates, times and participating theaters can be found here  I’m hoping to attend as many as I can and include reviews.  Here’s the lineup of what’s coming up and my thoughts.

Jaws August 23rd

Jaws on the big screen?  Sign me up.  This is the film that introduced the blockbuster method as it stands and it’s only right that as summer closes we have a reason to fear the water.

High Noon August 30th

I’m not generally a fan of Westerns or Gary Cooper but I know Grace Kelly is in this.  This would probably be a pass for me but I know a lot of fans who praise this film highly.

Doctor Zhivago September 6th

Every year for my birthday I see a film and sadly the movie I planned on seeing (Gangster Squad) is delayed.  Thankfully, Doctor Zhivago looks to fill that gap.  The lengthy runtime is a deterrent but I’ve been dying to see this film.  The epic scale of it and the lovely Julie Christie are cinching my attendance.  Not to mention I’m sure it’s far better than the BBC, Keira Knightley version.

Chinatown September 13th

Chinatown on the big screen?!  I’ve only seen this film once and honestly, I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind to appreciate this neo-noir so I’m hoping to see it as intended and make a better assessment.

The Bridge on the River Kwai September 20th

I’m on the fence about seeing this one.  On the one hand it’s got the lovely Bill Holden but on the other it’s a war movie and those always feel dated to me.  I’ve heard this has a similar “epic” scale to it so I might end up hitting the theater for it.

The African Queen September 27th

I saw The African Queen a few years ago and really didn’t like it.  I love Hepburn, I love Bogart, but I just didn’t get all the love for this film.  As mentioned with a few others above, I really think I should see this again and get a better view.

Can’t wait to see what Cinemark has in store of Halloween (fingers crossed).  Be sure to support classic film by heading out to see this great slate of entertainment.


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5 thoughts on “Classic Movies On the Big Screen Leave a comment

  1. I’d love to see every one of those. I missed a chance to see African Queen a few months back, and I’m going to miss a chance to see Jaws this weekend.

    I’m up to 23 classics/non-new releases on the big screen this year and 25 was my goal, so I just need to pick up 2 more. All of those would be awesome choices.

    • Lucky, I have no excuse now not to make a goal in regards to classic film on the big screen. Hope you make it out to some of these, would love to hear your take on them. Thanks for reading

  2. Ack! I love AFRICAN QUEEN! But I guess I have to say that, don’t I? It’s okay – some of my friends thought it was a bit hammy, kind of melodramatic. But when I took a group to see it at a local theatre, they all loved it. It really is a big screen picture – maybe you’ll enjoy it more if you see it in a theatre.

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