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And the Winner Is…



The first Journeys in Classic Film Leading Man Tournament officially comes to a close!  It’s been a long road filled with shock and surprises but eventually we came down to two actors representing two distinct eras of machismo.  Sadly, only one can be declared a winner and thankfully we had an amazing turn-out with 34 votes cast (an uptick from last week).  By a significantly large margin, I’m talking largest in tournament history.  Our winner is……

Cary ran away with the voting gaining 25 votes, 74% of the entire pool!  Throughout the life of the competition Grant got 58 votes.  Congrats Cary.  I’ll be putting Cary in the sidebar or the header (haven’t decided) with the label “Leading Man Winner.”  Poor Mr. Harrison Ford only managed to nab nine votes for a total tournament vote of 32.  Till next time.  Click after the jump to read my final thoughts on this tournament and its future.  Thanks again for voting, this would be nothing without you!

It’s been fantastic to do this tournament and see all the voting, commenting going on.  This obviously worked only with your votes so I thank everyone who dropped in to vote and read my countless updates.  As for the future of this tournament it will be back.  Starting in January we’ll be doing a Leading Ladies Tournament.  It’ll have the same premise: actresses from each decade going from 1930-2010.  I’ll be asking for submissions for nominees this time that will be taken around the end of December and I’d like the tourney to start promptly on January 1st.  I’m not sure how far I’ll open the pool to.  Five seemed too small but ten seems too big so I’m thinking seven nominations per decade.  I’ll give more details as we get closer.

As for next year’s Leading Man Tournament I enjoyed the summer so it will be returning next summer.  Again, submissions will be taken and I’ll be expanding it out to seven nominees.  Think Cary can make it a second year?

Thanks everyone for voting!


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