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My Movie Wish List: Part Two


So sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I was visiting relatives and figured I’d have all this free-time to watch movies and blog…when has that ever worked out?  Since I didn’t watch any movies worth blogging (and I’m working my way through several books to review) I figured I’d do any entry in My Movie Wishlist.  I’ll be detailing five movies currently on my Amazon Wish List and why I want them.  You can purchase any of these films (and donate to the blog) by clicking the photos.

**Kind of related: I added a Donate box to the sidebar.  If you are interested in donating to this blog (sans buying something through Amazon) you can do so through there.

The Bette Davis Collection Volume 1

There’s more than one Bette Davis box set as this actress has such a diverse body of work but we’ll focus on one at a time.  Volume One boasts the five legendary films that pretty much anyone discussing Davis will mention: Now, Voyager, Dark Victory, The Letter, Mr. Skeffington, and The Star.  Okay so maybe they’ll mention the first four.  I do have two of these films taped (Voyager and The Letter) and I love Dark Victory so honestly there’s no reason I shouldn’t own this.

Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Volume One

As you should know, I’m working my way through the Forbidden Hollywood Volume Two collection and still have two movies to go.  I want volume one as it has so many movies I wanted to do beforehand, specifically Red-Headed Woman which I’d hoped to do during my Jean Harlow tribute and couldn’t get my hands on. Volume One also includes Waterloo Bridge and Baby Face starring the immortal Barbara Stanwyck.

Pre-Code Hollywood Collection

This is a new collection of pre-Codes compliments of Universal Pictures (have I mentioned the Universal Backlot Blogathon I’m hosting?).  It’s part of the Universal Backlot Series which I haven’t heard of but includes some movies whose titles are just as scandalous as the films.  I don’t know anything about films like The Cheat, Merrily We Go to Hell, Hot Saturday or the three other movies included but six films for thirty dollars?  That’s a deal to me!

Singin’ in the Rain: 60th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

I know there’s no chance in hell I’m getting this considering it’s 75 dollars but I that’s the whole point of a “wish” list right?  I have the two-disc DVD already but this includes the Blu-Ray, a slew of features and collectible souvenirs.  I always see these expensive packaged editions (they most recently did this with Casablanca) and if I had to drop serious money on any of these, it’d be this one.

The Cary Grant Signature Collection

I have a Cary Grant box set but it comprises the, let’s say “lesser” known films (although it does include The Bishop’s Wife so I can’t complain too vehemently).  The Signature Collection includes five Grant films with three being his best comedies: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, and My Favorite Wife.  I love Bobby-Soxer to death and I want to see My Favorite Wife again so I’d definitely buy this.  It also has Destination Tokyo and Night and Day which I haven’t heard of.

What’s currently on your movie wish list?


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4 thoughts on “My Movie Wish List: Part Two Leave a comment

    • It’s really hit or miss with pre-Codes, sometimes the gimmick of “scandal” is all they have but I’ve seen quite a few great ones and I do believe Let’s Misbehave is participating in my blogathon.

  1. Hi Kristn,

    I hope since this blog post you did get the Gary Grant Signature Collection.
    If you still haven’t seen “Destination Tokyo” please do. A Grant classic! Although a War Movie it is really one of his best movies and i haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t love it!

    On my wish list to hopefully see again very soon are:

    – Father Goose (Gary Grant, Leslie Caron)
    – Istanbul (Errol Flynn, Cornell Borchers)
    – Silver River (Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan)

    Now this list could go on for some time; but for now these would be nice!

    Kristen i am not sure if you have seen ‘Father Goose’ but if not, you should! Gary Grant had a perfect touch for comedy and in this War/Romance/Comedy film, that trait shows perfectly alongside Leslie Caron.

    • I did end up getting the Cary Grant set, but sadly I haven’t had the time to watch it. I have Father Goose on my list, though! Thanks for the recommendation.

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