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A Look Towards the Future….Schedule Wise


Before you roll your eyes and think I didn’t have anything to write about for today’s entry I totally did but I blame Gene Kelly!  See yesterday (and continuing till 6am today depending on when you’re reading this) I was all set out to do some serious blogging on Female in my Forbidden Hollywood review but I got wrapped up in Singin’ in the Rain as one generally does and lost all track of time.  Considering I’m on a hot streak of entries this week I didn’t want to leave you with nothing so figured I’d give out some updates.

Important update number 1:  I go back to school next week and sadly getting one’s Master’s Degree is no walk in the park.  I’m going to try my hardest to do a post a day but I can not guarantee that.  I will get out three posts a week if only because of the scheduling I’ve decided on.  I’m certain to get past those three scheduled days.  You might see up to five posts a week and/or two posts in a day on the weekends.  Essentially I’m preparing for Tuesday-Thursday to be up in the air as I’ll be in classes late in the evening Tuesday/Thursday and my Wednesday post is usually set up for midnight Tuesday.  It’ll take me a few weeks to get my footing so be prepared for a couple lax days during the week.

With that I have set up some recurring features if you haven’t noticed.  Mondays are working out for Old Hollywood Book Reviews.  Once school starts I can’t guarantee every Monday will have a book as I’ll be reading a lot of books for schools but when a book is completed you’ll see it Monday.

If you didn’t notice I resurrected my Golden Age on the Silver Screen segment of looking at made-for-television/direct-to-DVD/generally crap celebrity biopics.  The two up now are White Hot and Goodbye, Norma Jean.  Sundays will be when to look for those.  I do have quite a few movies but if you know of where I can find copies of the made-for-television biopics of the 2000s send me an email or a comment.

Also, you’ll be happy to know that Journeys in the Disney Vault is starting back up and you’ll see those on Saturday!  Pinocchio is all set to run this coming Saturday and we’ll go through the rest of the Disney animated canon!

Other updates include a few more entries into the Summer Under the Stars blogathon coming up include a top 5 list on my favorite Ingrid Bergman movies and a review of Three on Match (along with Female closing out my Forbidden Hollywood volume 2 review) for Warren William Day!  Oh and September means one more month until Halloween!  I’m trying to hold off on cobbling together my list but it will be a mix of classic horror and new horror.  Last year I kept a blog of my movies on Facebook which obviously won’t be happening this year.  I might recycle a few of the movies I did last year.  I’ll also be trying to implement movies about children as I’d planned to do that on my podcast and sadly the podcast closed down earlier this year.  If you have suggestions of movies you want me to review come Halloween let me know!

That’s all today, sorry there’s no legit article!  I promise I’ll get back on it tomorrow!


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