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Hall of Fame Inductees for September


With a new month we see some updates and a new member join the Hall of Fame.  We have one inductee for this month joining the members already inducted.  I’ve also tweaked the rules on future inductions into the Hall of Fame which I’ll discuss below.  Let’s see who will be joining some of my favorite actors and actresses.


Billie Burke is the first new member of the Hall of Fame.  Her flighty characters are all loveable and she’ll always be Glinda, the Good Witch.  The five films that cemented Burke’s induction are Father’s Little Dividend, Father of the Bride, The Wizard of Oz, Topper, and Dinner at Eight.  Three of those films have all been reviewed on the blog.


I decided to tweak the rules a little bit from when I originally conceived the Hall of Fame.  Originally I included every film I saw starring a particular actor regardless of whether I watched it for them or if it was good/they were good in it.  From now on the five films that allow an actor/actress to advance to the Hall of Fame must be one I remember (sadly that knocked off a few actors from gaining a fast-track to the Hall of Fame), and the star has to have wowed me or been a film I watched solely because they were in it.  I will be including how many films I’ve seen from a winner in the description but I won’t be counting every movie as advancement to candidacy.  Also all films must be from before 1990 unless the actor significantly contributed to the film (sadly this would have knocked a few actors already in the Hall of Fame off the list but I won’t tell, they got lucky).

Also I will be going back and reorganizing the order of the actors.  The amount of films will no longer dictate placement but instead they will be organized based on my preferences.

Congrats to Billie Burke and we’ll be back next month to welcome some new members!  If you have an actor/actress you think should join the Hall of Fame leave a comment!


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