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Journeys In: October

I’m trying to revamp the Update posts a little hence the new name.  Since I just had this idea I’ll be sure to roll it out towards the end of the month next month but what’s on tap for October?

  • To start, the polls have returned!  I’ve bought quite a few box sets and would like your input on which one to review!  So far there’s a pretty good turnout with the Thin Man set and the Marlene Dietrich Glamour Collection gaining votes.  I’ll keep the poll open till next Monday and the box set will go right next to You Can’t Take It With You as a priority (I promise to get to that soon!).
  • I know that a few sites have “mascots” for their blogs or other similar symbols of what their blog stands for and so I’ve adopted the gorgeous Veronica Lake as this site’s femme fatale!  If you haven’t already noticed I love Ms. Lake if only because I feel she’s been forgotten by fans and I’m hoping to push her out into the spotlight.  Look for her films to have reviews in the future as well as more amazing pictures of her!
  • With October comes the infamous film countdown to Halloween.  I’m debating whether to entitle this 31 Days of something or come up with an original name, suggestions are always welcome.  With that you’ll see a new banner for Halloween (with the official blog mascot Veronica Lake) and other spooky things.  I have cultivated 27 films for the month but I’m leaving the final four up to the fans!  That’s right you can present me with films you’d love to see me review during October.  The rules are pretty simple, just leave me a blog comment, Facebook comment, or Tweet with your recommendations.  The films can be any decade, any country, any genre (so they don’t necessarily have to be gory or horrific).  As long as they deal with something you see during Halloween it’s open, although please make sure it’s a movie I can easily gain access to so nothing out of print.  I’ll leave suggestions open until September 30th when I’ll reveal the list, if no suggestions come in I’ll be sad…and forced to find four more films.
  • November is tentatively going to be James Bond themed as I’d love to see all the Bond films before Skyfall but that’s still in the planning stages.

A lot on the plate and again, thanks to everyone whose dropped by this week as part of the Universal Backlot Blogathon!  Till next time!

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A freelance film critic whose work fuels the Rotten Tomatoes meter. I've been published on The Hollywood Reporter, Remezcla, and The Daily Beast. I've been featured in the L.A. Times. I currently run two podcasts, Citizen Dame and Ticklish Business.

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