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Journeys in Classic Films 31 Nights of Halloween!



Yep blog mascot Veronica Lake is ushering in this year’s Halloween offerings.  I’m really excited to do Halloween this year.  I blogged about it on my personal Facebook page last year (and by “blogged” I mean made a photo album with mini-reviews serving as captions) so I’m happy to get more eyeballs on this site and discover new films.  I did a call for suggestions and took a couple, sorry I couldn’t please everyone but thanks to all who offered suggestions.

Click below to discover what’s going to happen in October and which films are going to be reviewed!  I’ve included dates of when reviews should go up (fingers crossed I’ll be on time) so you can get the films as well!

Before I unveil the list a few things:  There will be a Journeys in the Disney Vault, you should see what it is from the list below, and I have a Halloween themed edition of Old Hollywood Book Reviews!  On the Monday of the book review I’ll also include a film review so you don’t miss out on all 31 Days.

I did want to do a small subsection devoted to killer kids so you’ll notice quite a few films devoted to tiny terrors.  I also have a weekend of William Castle directed films and I’m hoping to see the Frankenstein double feature but if I don’t make it out I’ll do a double feature review.

I’ve tried to do every decade, every genre, and a few foreign films to truly make this diverse!  Here’s hoping your all excited!

10/1 – Village of the Damned (This will be a repost of my original review)
10/2 – Black Sabbath
10/3 – I Walked with a Zombie
10/4 – Blithe Spirit
10/5 – Alice Sweet Alice (repost)
10/6 – Cat People
10/7 – Village of the Damned (I’m really interested in this remake.  I’ve heard it’s awful)
10/8 – Suspiria
10/9 – The Brood
10/10 – Creature From the Black Lagoon
10/11 – The Bad Seed
10/12 – The House of the Devil
10/13 – The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Journeys in the Disney Vault)
10/14 – The Omen
10/15 – Fido
10/16 – The Shining
10/17 – Dracula’s Daughter
10/18 – The Innocents
10/19 – Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (Recommend by Nick Jobe)
10/20 – 13 Ghosts (William Castle Weekend)
10/21 – House on Haunted Hill (William Castle Weekend)
10/22 – Angel Heart
10/23 – It’s Alive
10/24 – Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein
10/25 – Fiend Without a Face
10/26 – The Pit
10/27 – I Married a Witch
10/28 – Twitch Upon a Star (Old Hollywood Book Reviews)/Carnival of Souls
10/29 – Maniac
10/30 – House aka Hausu (Suggested by Todd)
10/31 – Trick R Treat


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