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The Month in Film: November 2012

You can always tell the end of the semester’s coming when my movie output increases.  I watched a diverse slate of film, with a prevalence of movies I generally liked.  I expect this number to double by the end of December, since school is finished.  Clicking on the title of the film will take you to anything I’ve personally written on the film.  I will be going back, and adding in links to certain films that I didn’t get to in time.

1.  Argo (Held over from October)

2.  Trick r Treat* (Held over from October)

3.  Vamps

4.  Saludos Amigos

5.  Licence to Kill

6.  The Paperboy

7.  Sound of My Voice

8.  The Women

9.  Arthur Christmas*

10.  The Three Caballeros

11.  Bad Day at Black Rock

12.  The Amazing Spider-Man

13.  Harlow (1965) w/Carol Lynley

14.  Krull

15.  East of Eden

16.  Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

17.  Skyfall

18.  Make Mine Music

19.  Dreams of a Life

20.  James Dean (1976)

21.  Inside Daisy Clover

22.  The Sting

23.  The Departed*

24.  Weekend

25.  The Expendables 2

26.  Ruby Sparks

27.  Suspicion*

28.  Liz & Dick

29. Fun & Fancy Free

30.  For a Good Time Call…

31.  Anne of the Thousand Days*

32.  Any Given Sunday

33.  Compliance

34.  Lawless

35.  Dial M for Murder


35 films watched in November (down 10 from October)

4 were rewatches (5 if you count Trick ‘r Treat held over from October)

31 were first-time viewings

3 were theatrical releases (4 if you count Argo from October)

Top 5 Favorite Classic Films of the Month:

1.  Anne of the Thousand Days – I hate to put a rewatch at number one again, but I adore this film.  Sadly, I don’t plan on reviewing it now, but considering how many times I watch it, I’ll easily get to it soon.

2.  Bad Day at Black Rock – I think my review really sums up how fantastic this movie is.  It was a no-brainer it’d be on this list.

3.  Inside Daisy Clover – I had no idea this movie would rank so high, and really the plot is fairly boring.  The campy performances from Robert Redford and Christopher Plummer are the reason to watch!

4.  Suspicion – The ending of this movie bothers me, but it’s one of my favorite Hitchcock films.

5.  Dial M for Murder  – I hadn’t seen this film till this month, and while I don’t enjoy the ending (again like Suspicion), the performances are great.

Favorite Theatrical Film of the Month:  I’m gonna cheat and put Argo here.  The plot is fascinating and suspenseful, and continues to showcase Ben Affleck as a director to watch.  Skyfall has nothing on this.

Worst Film of the Month: The worsts really had to earn their place here this month, and Twilight wasn’t the worst!  I’ll do a Top 5 for this month:

1.  The Paperboy – I enjoyed the book putting this in the disappointment section as well.  The plot is disturbing, the acting is bizarre, and everything about this film screams grindhouse yet has none of the fun or interest.

2.  Compliance  – My posted review says it all.  Scummy and stupid.

3.  Liz & Dick – Let’s all just forget about this one shall we?

4.  Vamps – Such talent wasted.  I thought Twilight didn’t understand vampires!

5.  Krull 

Biggest Disappointment of the Month:  Most of these were just lackluster for me.  The Paperboy, Any Given Sunday, Ruby Sparks and The Women.

Biggest Surprise of the Month: I didn’t hate Breaking Dawn: Part 2 as much as I’d hoped.  That’s definitely a surprise.

Movies Worth Seeking Out: Definitely make a point of renting Dreams of a LifeFor a Good Time Call and Sound of My Voice!


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    • I would have liked Breaking Dawn a lot more had the “fake” ending been real! Yeah Ruby Sparks irked me in terms of its views on women, but I can see where people would find it cute and loveable.

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