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Leading Lady Tournament: 1930s Results



What a race for our first week.  A healthy 24 votes which I believe was better than the 1930s in the men’s race.  We had a clear-cut winner early on who continued to stay on top leaving the others to all settle with respectable numbers.  Let’s look at where everyone ended up, and who will be moving to the semi-finals.

With eight votes Ginger Rogers has secured her place in the semi-finals.  Ginger was the winner from the moment voting opened, and the eight votes she won with were there when I updated on Thursday.  I will say that, had voting gone on a bit longer, Ginger could have easily been bested.

I’ll be sure to move Bette Davis into the 1940s for next year, but she had a respectable turnout despite being in the wrong decade.  She ended the tournament with seven votes (2 more and she would have beat Rogers!)  On Thursday, Davis had three votes and was third, but thankfully she nabbed a whopping four votes to end up with second place.

Voting for Jean petered out after I posted Thursday’s update, and Ms. Harlow ended the tournament with the same four votes she started with.  I really expected her to rank higher.  Maybe because Davis was in the running as well?  Better luck next time, Jean.

On Thursday, I had worried about Vivien Leigh and Claudette Colbert as no one had voted for either one.  Thankfully, they didn’t end the tournament completely empty-handed.  Leigh scored three votes between Thursday and Sunday.  She’s in fourth place, but it’s better than nothing.  I was sure her and Harlow would duke it out.

That leaves poor Claudette Colbert in dead last with two votes.  Again, two votes is better than nothing.


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