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Leading Lady Week 2: Update



A rather dramatic sequence of voting over the last few days.  If you’ve been following my Twitter updates than you’d know the roller-coaster of actresses that have been in the top position.  Right now, we’re at a tie between two leading ladies that hopefully will get sorted out before Monday.  Let’s look at where the numbers are.

With five votes apiece, it’s a tie between


It’s an interesting turn of events since Stanwyck was tied with Katharine Hepburn over the before being in number one, and eventually tying with Bacall.  Bacall came out of nowhere, jumping from fourth place to first.  Either lady is worthy of the title, but I really don’t want to have to decide myself, so be sure to vote.

Coming up right behind them is Ingrid Bergman

Bergman is right behind the tie, and again I’m hoping we don’t get a three-way tie here.  Bergman also did a dramatic jump as she wasn’t in the top two till a day or so ago.

At three votes is Katharine Hepburn

It’s shocking to see Hepburn in third place.  When this tournament started she was firmly in first before tying with Stanwyck.  Now she’s all the way down at third!  Will she rise up?

And in last place is Veronica Lake

Sadly, I’m not surprised to see Lake so low on this list.  She’s all but forgotten by today’s standards, and I’m contemplating giving her a vote just to say she got one (I’d wait till Sunday night/Monday morning to keep it fair).

Voting’s still open.  We’ll reveal the results on Monday.


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