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News From the Lake: Jane Fonda at TCM Film Festival, Dakota Fanning in Errol Flynn Story


I figured I’ll do this whenever I have a few items worth discussing.  I’ll refrain from setting a weekly schedule just in the interest of timeliness.  In this installment, we’ll discuss casting in a new Errol Flynn biopic as well as updates on the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival.

Either biopics are gaining prominence in the film industry, or because of Biopic Theater, I’m just noticing them more.  Regardless, one of the more intriguing ones to be greenlit is The Last of Robin Hood.  The movie focuses on the final years in the life of adventure star Errol Flynn, and his relationship with 15-year-old actress Beverly Aadland.  It’s been announced that rising star Dakota Fanning will be tackling the role of Aadland, opposite Kevin Kline as Flynn.  I’m incredibly interested in this, not simply because of the subject matter, but the talent involved.  It’s no secret that Flynn had some demons, and one of them was underage girls (he was actually put on trial at one point).  There’s a lot of debate about how complicit Aadland’s mother was in the relationship (she later wrote a book condemning Flynn as a child molester).  Susan Sarandon will be playing Aadland’s mother.  I think Kline is a genius bit of casting, particularly if you saw him play another famous swashbuckler, Douglas Fairbanks, in the 1992 Charlie Chaplin biopic Chaplin.  Kline usually turns in fantastic work, and I have no doubt he’ll make Flynn his own.  Since I don’t know anything of Aadland as an actress, I can’t say how Fanning will do in the role, but she’s consistently put out bold performances for a girl her age.  There’s no mention of a release date for The Last of Robin Hood.  You can read more about the story via The Playlist.


And what news section devoted to classic film would be complete without an update on the continued awesomeness planned for the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival.  The fest is set to run April 25-28 and it’s just been announced that Jane Fonda will be honored with two special events.  On April 27th, Fonda will be enshrining her hand and footprints in cement outside the TCL (formerly Grauman’s) Chinese Theater.  The prints will be placed right next to those of her father, Henry Fonda.  Later that same day, Fonda will be presenting a screening of the 1981 film On Golden Pond, a movie that famously allowed her to play opposite her father for the first (and last) time.  The more I hear about the TCM Classic Film Fest, the more I wish I could be there myself.  Thankfully, I’ll be (hopefully) posting links to coverage from other intrepid bloggers covering the fest.  If you have the chance to go to the festival, and would like to send me any news, reviews, photos, etc. get in touch with me!

That’s all for this issue of News From the Lake.  See you next time.

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