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Leading Lady Tournament: 1940s Results


Due to me forgetting to close the polls at midnight, we ended up with an overflow of votes that gave us a tie.  I will say that with 37 votes (32 on poll, 2 on Facebook and 3 on Twitter) that’s the highest voter turnout so far.  Thanks to the followers of Facebook and Twitter, a winner was declared by a nose!  Let’s see who’s advancing to the semi-finals.

It was an incredibly contentious race this go-around with three actresses holding the top spot at some point.  With 12 votes (9 on the poll, 1 on Facebook and 2 on Twitter) our 1940s champ is Barbara Stanwyck!

Barbara had been number one on and off throughout, and actually nabbed four votes after Thursday’s update.  She was set to win before another tie arrived and even then, there was no guarantees that Stanwyck would win.  She eventually gained one additional vote over the second place winner thanks to Twitter.

Who came so close to taking it all?  With 11 votes (9 on the poll, 1 each from Facebook and Twitter), the silver goes to Katharine Hepburn.

Kathrine came out swinging when the polls opened, but eventually found herself all the way at third place by Thursday’s update.  The Hepburn fans must have been out in force, because after that she gained an astounding six votes, catapulting her to tie with Stanwyck.  Unfortunately, she was two votes shy of winning the tie-breaker.  Better luck next year, Kat!

Coming in at third place with seven votes is Lauren Bacall.

Lauren was at number one briefly and actually tied with Stanwyck on Thursday’s update.  Unfortunately, Bacall only received two more votes between Thursday and poll closing.

With six votes, Ingrid Bergman settles for fourth place.

On Thursday’s update, Bergman’s four votes made me concerned we’d see a three-way tie.  Bergman did actually tie with Stanwyck for a brief period, as well.  Like Bacall, Bergman only gained two additional votes, not enough to give her the number one.

And with one vote (and I will say that vote was mine) is Veronica Lake.

I didn’t think Lake would take have a shot of winning, but I am sad that no one else voted for her.  If anything, it proves that the classic film community doesn’t have quite the connection to her compared to other stars.  Oh well, there’s always next year.

Congrats to Barbara Stanwyck who will be advancing to the semi-finals along with Ginger Rogers of the 1930s.  The 1950s poll is still open!


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