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Leading Lady Week 3: Update



Not quite the heated fight of the 1940s; the 1950s has one clear front-runner who has been decimating the competition.  Honestly, I’d consider this week’s match set, but there’s always surprises.  Let’s so at where this week’s crop of ladies have fallen.  Voting continues to Monday.

In the lead, with a formidable seven votes, is Audrey Hepburn.

Hepburn kicked the door down and has been well ahead of all the competition since the polls opened.  With a pretty hefty margin between first and second, I’m not sure if any of the other ladies, despite their iconography, will be able to best Ms. Hepburn.  It is nice to have one Hepburn in the semi-finals (Katharine Hepburn fell in the 1940s challenge).

With four votes, three shy of first place, is Marilyn Monroe.

I truly expected Marilyn to be the opponent that was made of Teflon.  She’s had a soft rise to second place, and really she’s only one vote head of the tie for third, so she could easily be overtaken.  It’s always surprising to see the more representative actors/actresses of the decade not rise to the top as expected.

There is currently a tie for third place.  With three votes each it’s Lana Turner

AND Grace Kelly

If you follow the Leading Lady Tournament over at All Good Things, you should be surprised at how low Grace Kelly has ranked this week.  Turner isn’t as enigmatic of the 1950s, compared to the others here, but I really expected this to be a showdown between Kelly and Monroe.  Again, there’s only a vote between the two so that could still happen.

And in last place with two votes is Elizabeth Taylor.

Maybe I did Ms. Taylor a disservice by putting her in the 1950s because she definitely hasn’t gotten a lot of love in the polls (although I could say that about all the other ladies in this bracket).  Taylor could easily secure an entry into the tie above, or she might have to settle for last place.

Voting is still ongoing.  I’ll be back Monday with the final results.


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  1. Love this page. So many fantastic Stars to choose from. Marilyn is my pick though, because of her incredible ongoing fame since her death. Nobody can match that.

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