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The Month in Film: January 2013


2013 is officially a month in, and with that a return to school came with it.  I did see quite a fair amount of movies this month, and since I’ve only been in a school one week I can’t blame that for the decrease in output between here and December.  Either way, I think this might be my best month in terms of amount of films that I actually wrote reviews for.  Let’s look at what I watched all through January.

1.  200 Cigarettes*

2.  The Imposter

3.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

4.  Flight

5.  Life of Pi

6.  Killing Them Softly

7.  Adventures in Babysitting*

8.  Night of the Comet*

9.  Abduction*

10.  The Devil Inside*

11. V/H/S*

12.  Zero Dark Thirty

13. Dredd*

14. Jailhouse Rock

15. The Virgin Queen

16. Peter Pan (1953)*

17.  Rainbow (1978)

18. Celeste and Jesse Forever

19. The Impossible

20. Not Fade Away

21. Gangster Squad

22.  Argo*

23. Miss Representation

24. The Philadelphia Story*

25. Notorious*

26. Lady and the Tramp

27. Silver Linings Playbook

28. James Dean: Race With Destiny

29. Bye Bye Birdie*

30. The Moth Diaries

"The Moth Diaries" ©Photo: Jan Thijs

31. TerrorVision

32. If I Were Free

33. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

34. Sleeping Beauty*

35. Headhunters

36. West of Shanghai

37. The Invisible Menace

38. Devil’s Island

39. Frankenstein*

40. The Bride of Frankenstein*


40 films watched in January (down 11 from December )

15 were rewatches

25 were first-time viewings

10 were theatrical releases (it’s awards season).

Top 5 Favorite Classic Films of the Month:

1.  TerrorVision – It’s a bit late in the timeline of “classic,” but this was a fun movie.

2.  Notorious

3.  Bye, Bye Birdie – I should review this soon

4.  Jailhouse Rock – Stands as the best Elvis movie

5.  The Philadelphia Story

Favorite Theatrical Film of the MonthGangster Squad was an entertaining throwback to B-movie film noir.  I’m really not understanding all the negativity surrounding it.  It was one of the funnest moments I had in the movies all this month.  I also went and saw Argo again, and boy do I hope this wins Best Picture.

Worst Film of the Month: In terms of theatrical output, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters kicked off my Worst Movies of 2013 list.  It’s stupid and misogynist.  I also found The Impossible impossible to sit through (get it?).  Other bad works included the boring 60s drama Not Fade Away, Taylor Lautner being God-awful in Abduction, the James Dean biopic James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young, and the lesbian Dracula romance The Moth Diaries.

Biggest Disappointment of the Month: There weren’t too many disappointments as opposed to movies set up to be spectacular due to hype.  I did love Zero Dark Thirty or Silver Linings Playbook.

Biggest Surprise of the Month: Not one movie stands out.  I’m more surprised that it felt like I saw more bad movies than good this month.

Movies Worth Seeking OutThe Imposter (go rent it or buy it NOW) and Headhunters


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