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Leading Lady Tournament: 1950s Results



Wow, quite the turn-out for this week’s tournament.  The final tally of votes, 37, puts this up there with the 1940s in terms of highest voter turnout.  Our winner blazed a trail from the minute voting opened, and while others tried to take her on, it was no use.  Let’s see who’s the winner of this week, and where everyone ended up.

With 13 votes overall, our 1950s champion is Audrey Hepburn!

Audrey gained six more votes between Thursday’s update and poll closing on Monday.  Audrey dominated this tournament, and really no other lady came close to presenting a challenge.  While our second place winner came close to tying with Hepburn, it came too late to make a difference.  I am surprised that Audrey won because the love for our second-place winner is pretty pervasive.

Coming in at second place, with ten votes, is Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn also grabbed six additional votes, but it was a seventh that would have given her a victory.  Marilyn really didn’t jump out as expected, and actually found herself tied with other nominees for a good portion of the week.  I truly expected fans to come out in droves, but that shows how surprising these tournaments can be.

With six votes, and securing third place, is Elizabeth Taylor.

Liz had a lot of support behind her, and went from last place with two votes, to third place with six (a jump of four votes).  Maybe if she had been in a different decade, she could have put up more of a fight.  Either way, it’s nice to see a last-place jump so highly.

Coming right behind Liz, with five votes, is Grace Kelly.

Grace only netted two additional votes after Thursday’s update, and again, I’m surprised she didn’t go to first place considering how beloved she is.

And with three votes is Lana Turner.

Lana didn’t get any additional votes outside of the three already received.  I didn’t have high hopes for Turner and I think that’s evident in how little turn-out she recieved.

Voting in the 1960s tourney has started!


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