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Leading Lady Tournament: 1960s Results


Since there was no update posted this is the first most are hearing about the numbers for the 1960s tourney (sorry for the lack of update by the way).  An update didn’t really matter since our winner declared herself from the beginning and never once gave up the reins.  I’m incredibly happy for the outcome because the winner is one of my favorite stars.  Let’s see where everyone ended up.

Our winner by a knockout (or 12 votes) is Natalie Wood!

Natalie established her dominance from the start, and while the second place winner hoped to catch up, there really wasn’t much of a chance.  I am pretty happy to see Natalie in the semi-finals because I absolutely adore her.

With ten votes, Julie Andrews nabbed second place.

Julie grabbed three votes the minute the poll opened, but she didn’t catch the fire that fans had for Natalie.  Julie remained steadily in second place throughout the length of the poll.  Sorry, Mary Poppins.

The remaining three nominees had middling turnouts.  In third place with three votes (a lengthy distance of seven votes separated second from third) is Shirley MacLaine

I heard from a few people mentioning that, despite a love for Shirley, she didn’t get their votes.  Maybe Ms. MacLaine was in the wrong decade?  Or maybe the competition was just too great?  Sadly, there wasn’t enough interest in her to get her beyond a pale third-place win.

Fourth place goes to our final two nominees who only pulled in one vote apiece; Janet Leigh and Shelley Winters.

I can’t give a good recap of why these two ladies didn’t do so well.  I believe their lone votes came late in the game, making me wonder if they were pity votes.  Maybe these two ladies resembled each other too much?

Who’s In the Semi-Finals?

Ginger Rogers (1930s)

Barbara Stanwyck (1940s)

Audrey Hepburn (1950s)

Natalie Wood (1960s)


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2 thoughts on “Leading Lady Tournament: 1960s Results Leave a comment

  1. These are all outstanding women, I missed voting and would have shown my vast love for Barbara Stanwyck. You’ve chosen some wonderful screen sirens to showcase and they’re all winners in their own inimitable way. Of course I also have to mention how much fondness I feel toward the great Shelley Winters. She was a force to be reckoned with in her day. I plan on doing a huge feature on her very soon. This was fun to follow…-Joey

    • Thanks for the kind words, and for following. Hopefully you’ve cast your vote in a few of the later decades. I definitely had a harder time finding where to put all the lovely ladies here, each one is worthy of winning, in my book.

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