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News From the Lake: Richard Burton to Get Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame/


Figured I’d delve into a quick News From the Lake update for everyone.  Exciting news courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox that I really wanted to discuss as well as a Lake Update for March!  A dual post, so let’s see what’s going on!

It surprises me to find out who doesn’t have a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Well, you can cross one name off the list on March 1st: Richard Burton.  The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced that acclaimed actor Burton will be receiving a star on the Walk of Fame on March 1st.  His star will be placed right next to his former wife, Elizabeth Taylor.  The placing of the star comes as part of the 50th Anniversary of Cleopatra, the film where Burton and Taylor met, as well as to commemorate its release on Blu-Ray.


I was shocked to discover I never put up a Lake Update for February.  Better to kill two birds with one stone, right?  If you’ve been following regularly then you know I’ve been posting up a storm.  My regular features, Journeys in the Disney Vault and Biopic Theater have been sporadic, but I’ve been feeling pretty awesome about my output even with school going on.  I’m ready for summer so I can devote all my energy to posting.

With that, the Leading Lady Tournament is winding down and I’m happy to see the voting turnout has been great (although the 1970s doesn’t seem to be garnering much interest).  Once that’s completed I’ll be returning to the regular Monday schedule of Golden Age on the Printed Page.  I’ve been fortunate to get a lot of intriguing books that I’m looking forward to.  At the same time, look for a lot of fantastic reviews including upcoming Blu-Rays that I’ve been lucky to get.  You might also see some guest posts and, who knows, maybe future interviews.  It seems as if the blogs hit its stride and things can only look up!

That’s all from the Lake for now.  See you next time!


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