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Leading Lady Tournament: 1970s Results


Things were heating up towards the end of the week, and our winner won by a lone vote.  I would have liked a bit of a shake-up as we really haven’t seen an upset in this tourney, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen in the 1970s.  28 votes were tabulated, which is average for the tournament.  Our winner came out front with a lot of votes and ruled the roost for the week.  Let’s look at where everyone ended up.

The winner of the 1970s decade with ten votes is Diane Keaton

Diane only gained two votes after Thursday’s update, and I think if voting had gone on a day or so longer that she would have been dethroned.  As it stood, she was one vote ahead and that could have gone either way.  Congrats to Ms. Keaton!

Coming in at second place with 9 votes is Faye Dunaway.

Faye made a leap for the top spot, gaining six votes after Thursday’s update.  She gained one additional vote right before poll closing, and had the poll gone on longer, she might have gained the extra votes to pull ahead of Keaton.

In third, with four votes, is Jane Fonda.

Jane was tied with Jodie Foster on Thursdays, but she actually slid past Jodie with three extra votes.  Unfortunately, there was no way she was going to enter the top two.

Right behind her with three votes is Carrie Fisher.

I had to do a double take because I was sure that Jodie Foster had nabbed fourth place.  Nope, it seems those Star Wars fans finally showed up, albeit too late.  Carrie had no votes on Thursday, and managed to score three by the end of the week.  She sailed past Jodie Foster, and could have overtaken Jane Fonda if the poll had stayed open longer.  I’m happy for Carrie, no one likes to be the pity vote at the end.

And in last place with two votes is Jodie Foster.

I’m surprised that Jodie wasn’t ever in the top three considering how beloved she is.  I think it shows how people are voting based purely on the impact the actress had on the decade itself.  Jodie only gained one vote after Thursday’s tournament and was dethroned from fourth place by Carrie Fisher!

Who’s in the Semi-Finals

Ginger Rogers (1930s)

Barbara Stanwyck (1940s)

Audrey Hepburn (1950s)

Natalie Wood (1960s)

Diane Keaton (1970s)


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