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Leading Lady Tournament: 1980s Results


Another leading lady is crowned, and we’re almost done with our tournament.  The 1980s saw the lowest turnout so far with only 23 votes.  Towards the end it started to get a bit frightening because first and second were close to being tied.  That didn’t happen and our winner never gave up her throne completely.  Let’s see where the numbers stand, and remember, you can vote in the 1990s tournament right now!

Our Queen of the 1980s, with seven votes, is Molly Ringwald!

Molly never gave up her hold on the number one spot, although she was close to tying with Goldie Hawn by the end.  Molly only gained two more votes after Thursday’s update.  Molly is facing an uphill battle with the other contenders in the semi-finals, but I think she’s got it.

Second place is a tie between Goldie Hawn and Sigourney Weaver who each got five votes.

That’s a shocking tie because Meryl Streep was originally tied with Goldie right before poll closing!  Goldie was tied for second place at Thursday’s update, with the aforementioned Meryl.  Sadly, she only got two more votes and didn’t have enough to best Molly Ringwald.  Sigourney made a leap from third place to second with the acquisition of three votes.  Glad Weaver made it so high, but sad that Goldie won’t be in the semi-finals.

In third place, with four votes, is Meryl Streep.

Molly Ringwald can officially say “I beat Meryl!”  Meryl, what gives?  I’m shocked that you fell so far; third place?  Streep only gained one vote after Thursday’s update, and I’m at a loss for words.  I have to think she’s in the wrong decade because she’s such an icon in the film world.  It shows that I’m a really bad gambler.

And with only two votes, coming in last, is Sally Field.

It’s okay Sally, you were at the Oscars…which is more than I can say.  Sally didn’t do much in this tournament, only getting one vote after Thursday’s update.  The older, established actresses really haven’t been pulling in big numbers like I expected.

Who’s in the Semi-Finals

Ginger Rogers (1930s)

Barbara Stanwyck (1940s)

Audrey Hepburn (1950s)

Natalie Wood (1960s)

Diane Keaton (1970s)

Molly Ringwald (1980s)

Voting for the 1990s is open now!


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  1. Meryl has a classic body of work, Sigourney probably has the box office, Molly’s best work is accessible to an entire generation. It was tough to pick just one.

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