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Classic Movie Actresses Tourney: 1950s Bracket

You might find yourself suffering from actress tourney malaise, but have no fear because this is simply one decade in a grander tournament that I’m not running.  The fantabulous Monty of All Good Things does his March Madness actress tourney every year, and I volunteered to run the 1950s section.  Between now and Wednesday you’ll be able to vote a certain segment of actresses, and Wednesdays and Sunday the other actresses will be decided.  Here’s the list of 1950s actresses in the running in the 50’s Sophisticates and 50’s Blonde Bombshells categories.  To vote, simply hit the SurveyMonkey link right under the Leading Lady poll, OR you can vote at the link at the bottom of this post.  You have till Wednesday to cast your vote and be sure to check back at All Good Things regularly for updates.

50’s Sophisticates

Audrey Hepburn 

vs. Pier Angeli

Deborah Kerr

vs. Jean Peters

Sophia Loren

vs. Anne Francis

Janet Leigh

vs. Kim Novak

50’s Blonde Bombshells

Marilyn Monroe

vs. Mamie Van Doren

Grace Kelly

vs. Diana Dors

Lana Turner

vs. Eva Marie Saint

Gloria Grahame

vs. Jayne Mansfield


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  1. I’m looking for pictures of Ann Touvalae (not sure of the spelling), a fill in actress from the 50’s and 60’s. She played in a lot of westerns like Gunsmoke, and Big Valley.


    • Hi Mavis, I’ve looked for your Ann with various spellings and can’t seem to find her anywhere. Was she definitely in an episode of Gunsmoke or Big Valley? If I have a project I could maybe track her that way.


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