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Leading Lady Tournament: 1990s Results


Wow, talk about a last-minute game-change.  I didn’t close the poll till Monday morning, and in that time one actresses jumped from #2 to #1 with the highest amount of votes we’ve seen (actually she’s tied with Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s poll).  35 votes were counted, making this the second-highest poll in terms of voter turnout – again tied with the 1940s/1950s.  So, who surprised expectations?

The winner with thirteen votes is….Sandra Bullock

Sandra had been nipping at Julia Roberts’ heels all tournament.  On Thursday, she was one away from Julia and had actually jumped to first place in the final hours of the tournament before being swatted down by Roberts.  Monday morning rolled around and Bullock was right on top, nabbing eight votes to cinch a #1 win!

With eleven votes, and second place, is Julia Roberts.

Julia and Sandra were in a fight for first place, and for a while it looked like Julia was going to win with little effort.  She had six votes at Thursday’s update, and gained five votes by Monday.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep her lead.  I must say I’m very surprised here because Roberts really encompassed the 1990s.

In third place with seven votes is Nicole Kidman.

I am pleased to see Nicole get something (and really she defied expectations by making it this high).  She ended the tournament with seven votes, an increase of four votes.  Her placement never wavered beyond third place.  Better luck next year, Nicole.

In fourth place with three votes is Sharon Stone.

Sharon, much like Nicole and Drew, never moved past where she was on Thursday’s update.  She ended the week with three votes which was only an additional two votes, for her.

And in last place…with one vote, is Drew Barrymore.

Wow, Drew.  You almost ended this tournament with absolutely no votes!  That lone vote has to be a pity vote because it didn’t come in till Saturday.  I don’t see Drew coming back next year.

Who’s in the Semi-Finals

Ginger Rogers (1930s)

Barbara Stanwyck (1940s)

Audrey Hepburn (1950s)

Natalie Wood (1960s)

Diane Keaton (1970s)

Molly Ringwald (1980s)

Sandra Bullock (1990s)

Voting for the 2000s is open now!

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