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Leading Lady Week 8: Update


It’s been tournament central here, what with the Leading Lady Tournament winding down and Monty’s Classic Actress tournament starting.  Figured I’d include an update on where the five ladies above stand, as of right now.  Voting closes Monday, so if you haven’t voted already, please do so.  Let’s take a look at who’s in the lead.

With nine votes, and a first-place hold, is Natalie Portman

I’m not surprised to see Natalie Portman racking up the votes.  I’m surprised that she’s trouncing everyone else, and that a few of my predicted front-runners are going nowhere.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore Natalie, I’m just shocked to see her bursting out with a first-place nab.

Coming in second, with four votes, is Angelina Jolie.

I hope what I said about Jolie’s appearance isn’t ruining her voter turnout?  I’m honestly flabbergasted that she wasn’t at least first for a bit.  Portman has a five point lead over Jolie, and with voting ending so quickly, will Jolie be able to move up at all?

Right behind Jolie, with three votes, is Michelle Williams.

I am happy that Williams is in the top three.  I figured she’d stick out amongst the rest of the A-list talent here.  I doubt we’ll see her make a dramatic leap for first, but I’ll take what I can get.

Fourth placed is a tie, with two votes a piece between Reese Witherspoon

and Scarlett Johansson

Who didn’t think these two ladies would be duking it out for first place, as opposed to be tied for last?  There’s really nothing more I can say.

Voting continues till Monday.  This really could go any way.


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