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Leading Lady Tournament: Semi-Finals Part 1

Oh yeah, we’re getting down and dirty now!  I apologize for making that sound incredibly cheesy, but I’m excited for the final weeks of the tournament; not because it’s over, but because people are going to have to start killing their darlings.  The four ladies here won their respective decades (1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s), and one will go on to be in the final showdown.  I’ll be keeping track of how many votes each nominee has collected all the way to the end, as well.  Let’s see how these ladies made it to this round.  Voting opens Monday and closes next Monday!


Ginger was the belle of the 1930s, beating out Bette Davis, Jean Harlow and Claudette Colbert.  I didn’t have much hope for her winning but, as I usually am during this tournaments, I was wrong.  Davis won with only eight votes, and it was a close race at that.  The other four actresses are just as beloved, if not more so, than Rogers, so I worry that she might crumble completely in the semi finals.

Total Votes Amassed: 8


Barbara nabbed the role of femme fatale during the 1940s poll, and actually tied with the 1950s for the most votes in the tournament, total.  Stanwyck beat out serious competition including Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman and Katharine Hepburn.  She beat the pants off blog mascot, Veronica Lake, which still makes me sad.  She went into double digits, nabbing twelve votes to secure a surprising first-win finish.  I hate to make predictions, but Stanwyck is so beloved, that this tournament could come down to her and Audrey Hepburn.

Total Votes Amassed: 12


Audrey Hepburn was expected to make it to the semi-finals from the minute the 1950s poll started.  Hepburn is the quintessential movie star, as evidenced by her sailing right past Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe!  With that power, she could easily win the entire competition.   Hepburn pulled thirteen votes total, making her the highest voted nominee for the first half of the tournament.

Total Votes Amassed: 13


Natalie Wood is ranked up there with Hepburn and Stanwyck as a high earner of votes, securing twelve.  She stood out in a category that had fellow nominees Julie Andrews and Shirley MacLaine.  Hopefully, she presents a solid case against Audrey!

Total Votes Amassed: 12

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