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Leading Lady Tournament: 2000s Results



The preliminary decade rounds come to an end.  We’ve entered the semi-finals, as evidenced by the new Leading Lady poll below, and the winner of this decade will be squaring off in next week’s semi-final round.  Will a winner from the 2000s steal the Leading Lady tournament as a whole?  Let’s see who we proclaim the winner of the 2000s, and where everyone else fell.

The winner, with an impressive thirteen votes, is Natalie Portman!

I was impressed with Natalie’s tenacity because she bust out of the gate, gaining nine votes by Thursday’s update.  She never let first place slip through her fingers, and I’m happy she’ll be in the semi-finals.  Natalie has a diverse range of roles that she’s put out, and will only continue to excel in the future.

Tied for second place, with six votes apiece, is Angelina Jolie

and Michelle Williams

Wow, I’m astounded by this tie.  In my original reveal of the nominees, I was worried that Michelle didn’t have a strong enough body of work to warrant being in this tournament, at all!  And yet she ties with one of the highest paid actresses we have!  Angelina really let me down because she is A-list to the hilt, and she never even grasped first place.  She only gained two votes after Thursday, whereas Michelle nabbed three.  I’d have liked to see one of them hold onto second, but I’ll take a tie where Williams places so highly.

In third place, with five votes, is Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett was tied with Reese Witherspoon during Thursday’s update, but in between then and Monday she pushed her way to the front with three additional votes.  I find Scarlett a tad overrated, and it seems that readers echoed that as she’s only in third place.  She could have created a three-way tie if the poll had gone on longer.

And sadly, with only two votes, is Reese Witherspoon in dead last.

Reese has been in so many blockbusters, I found myself wondering why didn’t see ever rise above last.  Hell, she ended this tournament with the same two votes from Thursday.  It could be that her sporadic output, and the fact that said output isn’t great, hurt her chances.  Either way, sorry Reese.

Natalie will go onto the semi-finals, part 2 next week where she’ll be paired off with:

Diane Keaton (1970s)

Molly Ringwald (1980s)

Sandra Bullock (1990s)


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