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Leading Lady Tournament: Semi-Finals Update


It has been a rollercoaster with the first part of the semi-finals!  As soon as I update everyone about who’s on top, another vote comes in to tie or knock someone down.  I would not be surprised to see a tie at the end of this.  Let’s see where everyone is…for the minute!  Remember, voting continues till Monday!

Well, I said there could be a tie and now there is!  It’s between Ginger Rogers

and Barbara Stanwyck, who both hold eight votes.

These two have been duking it out since the tournament started!  Ginger has either tied or been on top since voting started this week.  At one point, Audrey Hepburn was tied with Ginger, but Barbara’s been hot on her heels.  It makes sense, considering I had underestimated both these ladies in their respective decades.  If this power struggle continues we could see both ladies having to do a tie-breaker.

In second place, with five votes, is Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey was number one for a few minutes today (Wednesday), but that quickly changed in favor of the two ladies above.  I’m not sure what Audrey’s doing wrong, maybe her fans just aren’t aware she’s losing?  Either way, there’s a significant distance between first and second, but anything can happen in the remaining days.

And no one’s  getting trounced worse than Natalie Wood, who only has one vote!

Wow, where’s all the Natalie love?  She won by such a wide margin in the 1960s poll, but she’s getting flattened here.  Here’s hoping she’ll rally into a decent final set of numbers.

Keep voting!  We’ll announce the winner Monday!

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  1. …well, looks like I may be to blame for the sudden jump in the poll for Ginger… I linked your site over on Gingerology, and, if anything, we’re a tenacious bunch when it comes to voting… sorry if someone hacked into the site… unfortunately folks thought the same thing regarding Ginger’s win last year in Monte’s Actress tourney… but honestly, I just think there’s that many G-ologists out there!

    Thanks for the poll…and hope nothing is awry regarding ginger’s votes…the LAST thing want is for Ginger to have ‘bad fans’ or whatever…

    …and feel free to stop by Gingerology anytime, Kristen!


    • Haha, thanks for letting me know. I reopened the poll, and I’m just going to let it continue and see where it goes. I’m fine with it being an outpouring of fans, who are real, as opposed to one person trying to invade and change numbers lol. Thanks for letting me know about Gingerology, it’s an awesome resource for my growing interest in Ms. Rogers!

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