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News From the Lake: DVD Releases, and Additional Classic Film Fest News


So Biopic Theater is moved to Monday this week as my pick for the upcoming Jimmy Cagney blogathon (hosted over at The Movie Projector) works as a biopic so it’ll be pushed out to Monday.  With that, I figured a quick News From the Lake would be good on this lazy Sunday.  Today, we have more upcoming DVD titles to add to your Amazon wishlists, as well as additional information on the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival.

Sony’s Columbia Classics label has announced release dates for a series of films.  None of them appear to be A-list pictures, although one does have Rita Hayworth; that’s 1939’s Special Inspector.  The others are Alias Mr. Twilight (1946), Adventures in Silverado (1948), and The Thrill Hunter (1946).  Other than the Hayworth film none of these have huge names, and I had no idea that Columbia Classics was a DVD entity.  Regardless, you can purchase these on May 7th.

Warner Archive continues their fruitful series of pre-Codes with the announcement of Forbidden Hollywood, Volume 6.  This time we’ll get four films, two from 1932 and two from 1934.  The Wet Parade (1932) tells a tale about the perils of alcoholism, Downstairs (1932) follows a philandering chauffeur played by John Gilbert, Mandalay (1934) features Kay Francis sold into slavery, while Massacre (1934) involves an educated Native American bent on getting revenge against the whites who wronged him.  I’m a fan of this series, even though I’ve only completed Volume 2.  You can order it now from the Warner Archive website.

2013 TCM Classic Film Festival

And finally, additional announcements about the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival which is in three weeks.  The complete schedule events is finally posted here if you’re hoping to map out your days.  Also, a spate of additional guests have been announced including Debra Winger, Julian Sands (I’m kicking myself for not going to this!), Cybill Shepard,  and singer Lulu.  There’s a few others that have been announced so be sure to have that TCM site bookmarked.  The TCM Classic Film Festival runs from April 25-28th, I continue to weep about being left behind.


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