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Joan Blondell and Tom Conway: Veronica Winners for April


It’s been awhile since I included any new winners of The Veronicas, and that’s simply because I wanted to balance it out with one actor and one actress, and it’s been hard to get a coveted five movies per actor.  With that, we finally have a pair entering the vaunted hall of past Veronica winners, all of which you can find in The Veronicas section at the top of this page.  I have also gone and updated film totals and other reviews for past Veronica winners.  So let’s welcome our newest duo:

Joan Blondell

Films That Secured Her Entry: Grease, Desk Set, Three on a Match, Night Nurse, Topper Returns

Out of Blondell’s five nominating entries, I’ve reviewed the latter four.  Blondell’s large, expressive eyes, brassy persona, and infectious spirit have made me watch her in a slew of movies that are only decent due to her presence.  She excels at playing tough dames who can separate the no-good from the romantic.  She’s taken on drugs and pre-Code Clark Gable, being murdered, Tracey and Hepburn, and beauty school drop-outs all with verve and pluck.  She’s an actress comfortable in any genre, and despite harsh times in her personal life, she continued to keep a smile on her face.

Tom Conway

Films That Secured His Entry: Cat People, I Walked With a Zombie, The 7th Victim, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians

I’ve reviewed all five of Conway’s nominating movies, and while the last two are voice work only, it’s his distinctive voice that immediately caused me to recognize him.  It would make sense that Conway would have such a deep, affecting voice as he was the brother of George Sanders.  Conway didn’t get much respect as an actor, probably one of the reasons I’m drawn to him, but he worked best as the disturbing man who could get you into trouble, but you were drawn to him.  His role in Cat People cements him as a reprehensible abuser of power, and yet his voice and carriage puts out a sexual attraction that transcends the bad he’s going to do.

I’ll be sure to put up their photos in the Veronicas section as soon as possible.



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6 thoughts on “Joan Blondell and Tom Conway: Veronica Winners for April Leave a comment

  1. I’ve only seen Miss Blondell in two movies, and I want to see more because she is absolutely beautiful and very sexy. I love that there was an aura of mystery about woman back then. They seem to be more in control of their sexuality and make us men think we are the ones that do. Great post


    • Blondell is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I have Golddiggers of 1933 which has her in a starring role, and I’m hoping to get to that soon!


  2. I’ve always like Tom Conway, who should have been a bigger star. I think he struggled with alcoholism during much of his career. He was excellent in the movies you included, plus a chilling episode of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS about a ventriloquist.


    • Having read up on him on IMDB, his later life and death are really depressing. I thought Veronica Lake’s death was sad, I think they didn’t discover Conway for a few days after he died which breaks my heart. I’ve heard about his Alfred Hitchcock episode which thankfully is on Netflix so I might check that out soon!


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