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News From the Lake: Lots of New DVDs On the Horizon


I’m hoping to start making News From the Lake a Wednesday update, just for the sake of uniformity.  With that, boy are there a lot of upcoming DVDs heading to store shelves soon!  In this update, we’ll look at some upcoming DVDs coming out, and see how many are worth purchasing.  Remember, if there’s a news item you think might be worth discussing, send it my way!

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Fox has put out The Cary Grant Film Collection featuring six of Grant’s classic films.  Several of these are available in other sets, but the more Cary, the better!  You can get Born to Be Bad, I Was a Male War Bride, People Will Talk, Monkey Business, An Affair to Remember, and Kiss Them for Me, in the set.  No bonus content as far as I know, but if you haven’t bought the films above before it’s worth a purchase.  The Cary Grant Film Collection is available now!

20th Century Fox is also celebrating the acting talent of child star Jane Withers with the release of seven of her films.  Withers was a child actress who eventually made the transition to adult star, and Fox is celebrating her birthday with several of early works including Little Miss Nobody, Rascals, and Chicken-Wagon Family.  Additional titles from after Withers grew up include High School, and The Farmer Takes a Wife. Withers will be at the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival, and will graciously be sitting down with me for an interview, so expect to see reviews of her work in the near future.  Fox has also announced an additional slate of manufactured-on-demand titles for release that include Ginger Rogers, Betty Grable, and Milton Berle.  You can find those titles, and order any of the Jane Withers movies via

Cohen Media is a new studio, I’ve never heard of before, who are getting into the classic film market.  Their latest release is the Laurence Olivier and Gloria Swanson comedy of manners called Perfect Understanding.  The movie tells of a couple who marry with the intent of having an open relationship.  A comedy of manners ensues when jealousy starts to ruin their relationship.  With the talent involved, it’d be worth checking out; although expect this to be an example of their earlier work so their capabilities might not be what they blossomed into.  Perfect Understanding will be available June 4th.

Another rising independent DVD distributor is Film Chest which has announced the upcoming release of Fred Astaire and Paulette Goddard in Second Chorus; a musical comedy about competing bands – one led by Artie Shaw – and the collection agent (Goddard) they woo to be their manager.  I’m not an Astaire fan but Goddard is always fun to watch, and again, it’s great to support these independent studios.  Second Chorus heads to DVD on May 14th.  You can order it, and find other movies on the Film Chest label at their website here.

Finally, the Criterion Collection has announced their July slate of titles.  In terms of classic content, they’ll be releasing the 1963 Peter Brook directed adaptation of Lord of the Flies.  Special commentary scheduled to include audio commentary with the director, deleted scenes, interviews, and behind the scenes material.   Pick up Lord of the Flies on July 16th.

That’s all from the Lake for this week!


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