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The Lake Update for June 2013/Cleopatra Contest Winners!


It’s a new month and that means a new update on where the blog is headed.  To actually get people to read the update, I’ve also included the names of the Cleopatra contest winners!

June is my first real month of summer, and if you’ve been checking the blog regularly, I’ve become a writing fiend.  I won’t be doubling up on reviews regularly, but you should see near daily posts.  I have quite a few movies I’ve received from kind studios like 20th Century Fox and Warner Archive, so content is being  generated fast and furiously.  The blog has consistently broken over 200 hits a day, which is fantastic considering where I started.  Hell, I didn’t think there was going to be a time where I got movies for free (let alone films to give away to you fine readers).

I don’t have anything stupendous planned for the month, but I am keeping the regular columns going (Biopic Theater continues to be sporadic as Sunday’s have become days out with my family).  I have started My Summer With Sparks over at, so be sure to stop by and read my weekly pain in recounting those fine cinematic gems – the sarcasm is dripping!  I also recently acquired a position writing about classic films and women over at Awards, which I must admit is a pretty big step-up for me!

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t advertised my Leading Man Tournament, and I’m hoping to figure out the best time for that.  I’m a bit hesitant to do too many tournaments, considering voter turnout really tapers off by the halfway point, and I wouldn’t want it to conflict with the “What Price Hollywood? Blogathon.”  I guess I’ll leave it up to you: Do you want to see Cary Grant defend his Leading Man crown, or should I alternate yearly between Leading Man/Lady tournaments?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

That’s about it for news; a pretty steady month of fun and unpredictability.  I’m still accepting volunteers who want to join me and Pat McDonnell of 100 Years of Movies in the “What Price Hollywood? Blogathon.”  We’re celebrating Hollywood and anything having to do with it, so the sky’s the limit.

Oh, you want to know who won the contest?  I use a random number generator so these were chosen completely at random.  The three winners are BellaKarma (who’s favorite Liz Taylor movie is Giant), Fernando Beltran (who loves Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe) and Nick Powell (who also enjoys Virginia Woolf).  I will be emailing the winners, and they only get 72 hours to respond with their shipping addresses.  Due to the popularity of the contest, if I don’t hear back I will pick another winner.  Thanks all for entering and I promise to have another contest in the future!

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