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News From the Lake for the Week of June 26th, 2013


I am all sorts of scattered this week so I’ll be playing catch-up for a few days.  I did want to get the news out so let’s discuss what’s coming up on the DVD/Blu-ray schedule for you to spend your money on.

20th Century Fox will kick us off!  In celebration of its 80th-anniversary Fox will be releasing the 1933 film Cavalcade.  The film secured the most write-in votes as part of 20th Century Fox’s “Voice Your Choice” campaign.  Cavalcade has been fully restored for its Blu-ray début and contains a commentary with film historian Richard Schickel and a FOX Movietone news feature.  Cavalcade hits shelves on August 6th.

Also from Fox is a remastered Blu-ray release for A Letter to Three Wives.  There won’t be any additional bonus content, but there will be new packaging and a Blu-ray quality picture.  Past content carried over: Commentary with Chris Mankiewicz, Kenneth Geist and Cheryl Lower; a Biography channel feature on Linda Darnell, Movietone news footage, restoration comparison and the theatrical trailer.  A Letter to Three Wives on Blu-ray is released September 17th.

Next up, the releases courtesy of Olive Films.  Olive has given the Blu-ray treatment to six movies.  The two fan-favorites set for release include the Cary Grant weepie Penny Serenade and Gregory Peck’s Only the Valiant.  They’ll also release two Danny Kaye movies (Knock on Wood and On the Double) and two Bob Hope movies (My Favorite Spy and Off Limits).  You can purchase all six on in late August (no set release date has been announced).

That’s all from the Lake this week.  See you next Wednesday!


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