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The Lake Update for August 2013


Another month and another update on what’s going on with Journeys in Classic Film.  In this brief update I’ll discuss the upcoming conclusion of Journeys in the Disney Vault, touch on a few upcoming blogathons, and announce the stars in my month-long Summer Under the Stars Series.

There’s only one blogathon on tap for me this month.  Tomorrow you’ll get my thoughts on Spine-Tingler: The William Castle Story as part of the William Castle Blogathon hosted by The Last Drive-In.  You might recall that I had the William Castle documentary on my TCM Top 12 in October.

I mentioned this in the last update, but I just want to reiterate that my long-running, weekly series Journeys in the Disney Vault will be concluding December 2nd.  I’ve been taking a brief hiatus to reorient the times, and as fate would have it I’ll be able to conclude with a review of the latest Disney animated feature, Frozen!  We’ll go through the films of the 2000s starting in three weeks, go all the way up to and including Frozen, and then on December 2nd I’ll give my final thoughts on the series.  If you have any Disney memories or thoughts on the series I’ll be sure to include them on December 2nd!

I’m finishing up the last of the July Five participants, and I might be keeping that feature around for next summer.  Of course, everyone knows August means TCM’s Summer Under the Stars and I’ve decided to do a month-long Summer Under the Stars feature with a new star everyday.  I’m going to keep the movies a secret, but here is the slate of stars you’ll be seeing:

August 5th: Otto Preminger

August 6th: Grace Kelly

August 7th: Warren Beatty

August 8th: Margaret O’Brien

August 9th: Jack Lemmon

August 12th: Genevieve Bujold

August 13th: Sir Laurence Olivier

August 14th: Bette Davis

August 15th: Gene Hackman

August 16th: Lucille Ball

August 19th: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

August 20th: Julie Andrews

August 21st: William Holden

August 22nd: Judy Garland

August 23rd: John Travolta

August 26th: Katharine Hepburn

August 27th: Jimmy Stewart

August 28th: Simone Simon

August 29th: Elia Kazan

August 30th: Debbie Reynolds

Yes, I’m not devoting every day in August; my weekends will be devoted to covering the awesome review content I’ve been graciously given, so you’ll still be getting plenty of other stars on the weekends.

August will be business as usual over here.  I just want to thank all the new commenters I’ve been hearing from; the blog has consistently gone over 200 hits a day for this last month and that’s definitely translated into awesome opportunities.  I’m available in various forms, so if you’re already on the blog’s Facebook ( or Twitter (@Journeys_Film) get on it!

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  1. And Boy! I’ve been waiting for your piece all week!!!!! Can’t wait…. Thanks so much for participating in our Blogathon. It’s been a smashing success and we’re so glad you could join us! See ya tomorrow with bells and whistles on-Cheers Joey

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